Éxito, officially the GOFFY Republic of Éxito (Aspaniol: Éxitosa Repu'blica Goffyana is a federal republic in northern Ushaenor. It is bordered on the northwest by the Republic of Imir and to the north Unad and northeast Ushaverica; on the south with Profunduras and San Pabla.

In the pre-cataclysm Éxito, the high elven cultures matured into advanced civilizations, and was once a battlefield between the Hake and the High elves during the Elf wars, which resulted in the depopulation of the area, that largelly became a desert in terms of peoples, reason why the High Elves leaved the latavericans to settle in the deserted region during the Age of Invasions.

The growth of the Exitosas civilization was then conditioned by the Empire of Whide Axis, until the arrival of the Holy Sargonic Empire: there, the Gualian Christianity of the exitosos will clash with the Karentian christianity, being branded as a heressy, which would cause much disturbances.

After The Cataclysm, the territory will continue to be fragmented -despise some attempts of unification-, until one of the states choose as Emperor the King of Juanpableiro, which will be the first step for the JPM conquest and colonization of Éxito. This territory would eventually become independent at the 3189 a.a.H, after the Juanpablerio-Degolandic war as a republic. The post-independence period was characterized byeconomic instability, territorial cession, foreign, civil wars and revolutions, up to the GOFFY revolution.

Éxito has one of Aiers's largest economies, it is an important oil and silver producer in Aiers and is considered both a regional power and middle power.

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