aFra from Azimuth Pharmaceuticals

The aFra are the artificial human / clones produced by the Azimuth Pharmaceuticalscompany, after was created the Clonation division of the megacorporation, to stop relieving in the adquisition of clones from other commercial cloning corporations, as a measure done after the adquisition of GENTEK artificial human programmed to make industrial espionage of AZPHAR products.

The aFra's clones are most of the workers of the megacorporation, being specifically produced to deal with outbreaks, bio-hazard contamination and other related responses, having a better genetical resistence to biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear threats.

As well, the aFra's form the critized paramilitary armed force of the Azimuth Pharmaceuticals.

These light clones are used for almost everything from security detail and local law enforcement to military engagement at tactical and strategic levels, sometimes reinforced by hired extern PMC.

The AZPHAR Private Military Division is equiped with a variety of equipment, as they contract a variety of companies to supply them with weaponry: this cause that the armories are literally a logistical nightmare .

Most of their armament are originary from Stornkold Union and the autocratic Nutk State (EAN), being their main rifles derivatives of the eFeN FAL and the Gee3.

They distinctive uniform sports the colours of the company -light blue, black and white- being sometimes critized by the lack of cammouflage and limited protection it provides, but often this seem to be a common problem among the Corporative Armies, as is more important to them the presence of the armed forces themselves and their quick identification with their respective companies.

As armor they use the CHI-188 zil composite, like the light variant from this aFra, wich have composite polymers fused to create a very light and flexible body armor, that can defect some light weapons fire.

The uniform is made of weaving light materials into the fibers to protect from laser infantry weapons and cold steel, but it isn't very resistant to vibro-variants of these weapons.

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