Chizzil - AZPHAR aFra Specialist

aFra Specialist of AZPHAR

The AZPHAR Private Military Division are the paramilitary and security forces of the megacorporation Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, being a Corporative Army.

Their operative history isn't very spectacular or renown, having dedicated mostly to security of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals instalations, being used as well in repression against local populations, mutiny's and rebelions, or against mercenaries or corsairs of rival companies.

The only mayor engagements so far the AZPHAR Private Military have faced was during the Rebellion of the Clones, and an armed conflict in the outer colonies with Kasparov CIA.

The AZPHAR Private Military Division is equiped with a variety of equipment, as they contract a variety of companies to supply them with weaponry: this cause that the armories are literally a logistical nightmare. Most of their armament are originary from Stornkold Union

Most of their forces are composed of Light Infantry aFras, supported with gunships, motorized and armored vehicles, aside of Mechs. But as well, they contract mercenaries as additional support, and have Specialist Units of aFras, better trained and equiped for special operations.

Chizzil - Afra in training

aFra conscript of AZPHAR Private Military Division

The military arm of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals basically utilize a wide variety of infantry armors, artillery guns, light armored vehicles (LAV), Armored Personal Carrier (APC), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), Main Battle tanks (MBT), Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Missiles (SPAAG/SPAAM) for their land forces, aside of a variety of ultra-light, light, cavalry and medium mechs.

This diversity it mean problems for their logistics and as well when training the aFra's -artificial human- crews, but is said they trade logistics for a variety of mechs to confuse their opponents, and is said they also deliberately use downgraded variants with less armor and other protection systems (without their crew knowing ) to either keep their opponents guessing as to what is their real strength, or because the operational costs of their equipment.