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A Quadrupedal Abomination of Polforia called a "Hellhound" (not to be confused with the true demon Hellhound). Abominations of flesh decay when their spark of maná fades


Race: Hell hound

Class: Monster

Species: Demonic creation

Other names: Infernal Hound, Abomination, aberration, Hound, Hell hound, skullhead

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Among the forces of the Demonic Dark Legion, aside of the demons, their allies and vassals, and as well the bred -or forged- servants, there were many nameless monsters (or creatures with their own names), who were created in different, unknown ways, and had hideous and terrible appearances.

General DescriptionEdit

Monsters of flesh and bones, or of metal and oil, dirt or stone. Some as feral, twisted animals, and others as lifeless golems, these monsters had various purposes, but no peaceful one. These creatures were given a seeming of life from a 'spark' of maná from a demon lord, as opposed to receiving a soul shard. This was a far less taxing form of creation for the Bazrrod demons, but also made the abominations beings of limited duration, that would slow and decay as their maná faded.

Abominations are in general demonic constructions that didn't have a soul shard: instead they have a core -which looks like a gem, and can possibly be a gem, amber or other substance with magical affinity- that have been charged with demonic maná to give the "spark of life" to the Abomination. However, because of the same, unlike a soul shard, these cores deplete themselves after days, months, years or decades. Often they were "experimental" so to say, as while High Elven magical students will create pixies (see Artificial Fay for a degree in artificial creations, demonic students will do the same with Abominations: so often these abominations existed as only one of a kind.

It can be said that sometimes, an Abomination can be called a "hellhound" (Type II) only if it had a four legged configuration, and if successful, an Abomination can become a monster. Abominations may or may not manipulate maná

Monsters are as well demonic creations: similar to the Abominations, they have an artificial core charged with demonic maná rather than a soul fragment.

The main difference between an abomination and a monster, is that a monster is a "mass produced" Abomination: For example, the Durogoons.

  • Mass produced: following a model. Not a real industrial production.

Monsters Released Into the WorldEdit

After the First War of the Power, when the great demon fortresses were sacked by the human-elven alliance and the Empire of Whide Axis, many monsters and creatures escaped or were released from the ruins, and would plague the lands...

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