Achastia was a name to a short lived middle human age Dark nation in Polforia, and some Free Colonies in the Devart Sector in the time and space of the Nebulosa of Ots

The Twin Cities of Acha and Stian[edit | edit source]

Before the Kanovhook wars, the human city-states of Acha and Stian, former rivals sitting across the Chast River, one of the tributaries of the Polf River , became the Kingdom of Achastia.

According to their mythological traditions, the unlikely alliance of the former rivals came to be due the kidnapping of brides, and thus, to avoid kin-slaying, a truce came to be, which in turn formed an alliance. This myth will be the origin of the ritual of the Captives Brides of Acha and Stian.

While it became a small, local power that ruled over the other smaller human realms, becoming one of the largest human realms in Morod, raiding other human kingdoms and tribes for resources, cattle and slaves or forcing them to pay tribute, it was ultimately unable to resist the Kanov of the Pórfiro Kingdom of the Morodi, who conquered the twin cities, provoking the collapse of the realm.

Because of Kanov domination, when the demons arrived, the Achastians received the demons as liberators, and gladly joined their cohorts against their former invaders.

Achastia and the whole region became integrated into the Dark Realm of Morod after the Battle of the Fields of Morod at the 1721 a.a.H.

Achast as a province of Morod[edit | edit source]

Unlike Kanov rule -that was only a political vassalage-, Demonic rule will impose long lasting changes to the culture and identity of the humans of Morod -which will come to be known as the Kdaimons, the Demon Servers.  However, other cultural aspects survived -if changed by the demons, for their own agendas-. While demons became the gods and pantheon of the Eastern and Western Kdaimons, the marriage tradition of the captive brides of Acha and Stian continued in use, while the two cities themselves rose in predominance in the Chast Valley as one of the providers for the ever needful slave markets of the great demonic metropolis of Morod.

Because of this role as slavers among the Kdaimon, the Achastians enjoyed a slightly superior status among the Kdaimons, and while in general demons despised humans and characterised the Kdaimons as lacking a military tradition, often Achastian raiders played auxiliary roles to Morodi Dark Legions, even in the attacks to human lands during the First War of the Power.

Achastia during the First War of the Power.[edit | edit source]

But this status in the Dark Legion will turn against Achastia as the tide of the war changed, and the war was brought by the Alliance of the Whide Axis to Polforia itself: most of the Achastian forces were to fight in the Battle of Polforia, and while their slaver-armies were away, the slaves of the Achastians revolted in violent slave uprisings, which worsened with the news of the defeat of the Dark Legions in the battle of Polforia.

As the ragged, routed Achastians returned, their elites tried to reform their forces into a semblance of a force to fight the slaves, and while at first they had some success, human knights of the alliance of the Whide Axis arrived to the area, to take command and train the former rag-tagged slaves into an army, that first occupied the slavers' city, and later, defeated the Achastians' remaining forces, forcing them to surrender in what the Achastians considered a humiliating peace, having to liberate all their slaves and burn their idols.

The city, while it wasn't destroyed, was ruled by a council of the former slaves and a human knight of the Northwest who claimed himself Duke of the Chast, and it was to help provide for the long siege of the demonic fortress of Dol'Nur by the Alliance of the Whide Axis.

Achastia, weakened and with its economy broken, was left as the seat of power by the duke of Chast, and as the First War of the Power ended, not being the demons anymore a danger, began to surface the differences between the Kdaimon former slaves of the Chast and the foreign elite that wanted to rule the impoverished region, that had rejected conversion to Christianity and insisted in their cults.

After a revolt of the former slaves against the Duke of the Chast, that left for one of the newly formed Polforian states of the Outregam, following revolts and uprisings of former slaves lead to the fragmentation of the region, along with the return of the practice of slavery of the prisoners defeated in these conflicts.

Due the considerable damage and chaos, the city of Achastia, while it was never completely depopulated, lost much of its wealth, power and prestige in the region and had basically diminished to a medium-sized town living in a larger city with many of the excess, abandoned buildings falling into ruin or being scavenged for materials. 

Dungeon of Achastia[edit | edit source]

The Dungeon of Achastia was Small Remnant State of the Dark Legion remnant state during the Middle Human Age located in northern Polforia, in the region of Morod, with a mixed population of humans like the Kdaimons and Amazons; demihumans like Blood elfs and goblinoids, as well with some monsters. It was ruled by the Dungeon Master Achast.

During its short independent existence, it prospered as a center of slave trade in the Hieyokscream, Morod and the Amazon tribal lands.

It will come to be under the rule of Dol-Nur.

The Dungeon Master, a mysterious figure had come to prominence as a minor warlord leading a mercenary company: not only as a warrior, but a sorcerer and a magician who mostly lurked on the edges of conflicts of the Polforian States of the Outregam and the Remnants of the Dark Legion, avoiding the major battles while taking advantage of them to amass plunder and slaves. Having gained little renown, but much wealth, he started looking for somewhere to solidify his position, to build a fortress as a base to continue to launch raids from and a refuge for his forces.

He set his sights on Achastia, either out of respect for its history, simply recognising a strategic location with an ample supply of building materials in the form of the old city, or some secret, personal connection to the fallen city. He moved in with his army, claiming the city and the surrounding region as his domain and set about building his fortress. (or more likely, sent his warriors, with new Achastian recruits eager to take up their people's ancient practice, to bring back slaves and put them to work building it.) Given that he intended the fortress to serve as a base for his slave trading operations, it incorporated large dungeons for holding thousands of prisoners and thus the Fortress quickly gained the name 'The Dungeons of Achastia" and he quickly gained the title of Dungeon Master.

During the construction, either digging out the foundation or perhaps while quarrying additional stone from it in the nearby cliffs, a cave was discovered with a natural fissure leading into the Underworld of Kazrrad. This was soon expanded into a full tunnel, giving him access to the Underworld, to trade with the inhabitants, to recruit many denizens of it into the growing ranks of his slavers and to allow them to range further then ever before seeking vulnerable targets to raid.

As the city grew in power and wealth for its slave trade, it became too much of a jewel for the crown of one of the demon lords of the Remnants of the Dark Legion who would want to claim it for themselves. Seeing the gathering storm, the Dungeon Master decided to pledge his loyalty to the Witch King of Dol-Nur, to keep a degree of autonomy.

The Free Colony of Achastia[edit | edit source]

In the Space Age, A series of orbiting colonies around a Gas Giant planet in the 141. Devart Star System was called Achastia, with a group of mercenaries will call themselves as Sons of Achast in relation to the long disappeared Achastia.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Achastia in deviantart[edit | edit source]

Achastia is an adaptation of a place of some of the characters of the deviantUser Achast in Aiers.

After the First War of the PowerAchastia will come to be one of the Remnants of the Dark Legion of Demons, being ruled its population -an amalgamation of humans of Eastern Kdaimons and Amazon stock, along with non-human blood elves and goblinoids- by a figure known as the Dungeon Master of Achastia.

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