Drow and dwarf duel by shabazik-d3aajrg

Achie Ach'Hast in the foreground in her battle armor

Achie Ach'Hast (Unknown Negeémi city, 2363 ? - ? a.a.H.) was a submissive negeémi drow Acolyte of Negeé from Captain's Xuunera Lo'Kee company. She is sometimes associated with the Drow Trio.


  • Freckled bluish grey Skin
  • Born and native to another city than Negeémiliel
  • From a Wealthy Family
  • Submissive Drow
  • Skilled Artist
  • Skilled with a chain and whip
  • Very capable fighter despite petite size
  • Sometimes deliberately loses fights



Achie was present as a very young Initiated during the earliest depictions of the Drow Trio together at the Academy, albeit with somewhat different styled hair. She too, would elect to change her hair to gain an artful forelock during her adolescent years.

Speculation: A question exists if Achie liked to play the Dwarves and Drows Game with commoner children in her time off from the Academy. Sometimes playing the role of the dwarf, perhaps to hide her identity?

Achie would also be annoying to acolytes that she thought she could bully such as Orlee, and a few others, perhaps hoping that they'd strike back at her? At any rate, she was fond of smacking some of her fellow acolytes on their butts 'accidently' during whip training, or 'playfully' with a rolled up towel after bathing.

Achie seemed to like breaking rules so that she could be disciplined. Despite being a very good hand to hand fighter, her scores were probably lower than they would have been as she probably deliberately failed some matches to enjoy defeat.


Achie, despite being a bit odd as a child, graduated without much difficulty and became an acolyte. However, in a war against the Dwarfs of Nortunk, she would find herself in a position to fight a 'duel' against a Nortunk dwarf warrior. She would succumb to her temptations and deliberately allow herself to be taken captive so as she could experience true defeat and she hoped for some sort of romantic, a somewhat rough but sexual, enslavement at the hands of the dwarfs, whom she regarded as hyper-male, yet conversely, (for a drow), powerful.

After much begging, she would be graced with a tattoo 'tramp stamp' rather than the slave brand she wanted. The dwarf would stubbornly refuse to treat her other than a Prisoner of War, save as a Prisoner of War who was essentially a whiney and perverted spoiled brat in his estimation. Achie would be returned to her commanding officer, Xuunera Lo'Kee in a prisoner exchange.

Achie would like pointing out her 'tramp stamp' tattoo as her 'slave mark'. She would be horrified by her officer saying that it could be cut out, and insisted that it was a good reminder to her and the whole unit of the price of failure. With such logic, officer Lo'Kee would let her keep it.

Never again would Achie do something so irresponsible or essentially treasonous. Nonetheless, she would surreptitiously continue her fetishes as she could. She maintained a good record as a fighter, largely so she could deliberately throw matches in inter-unit fighting matches for example.

Temple of DoomEdit

Achie was part of the garrison during the time that Xuunera Lo'Kee was Captain of the Guard of the Temple of Doom. This is probably the time that Achie would also find some like-minded individuals that she could play with, El'Okin and Leh'Car. She would get herself into trouble at least once with them and face a humiliating disciplining from that as well.

During the episode of the assassination of High Sorceress Khariel Baener, Achie would face the Loranor assassin by herself. Despite her great hand to hand skills, Achie would be easily defeated by the assassin Jamal and would not find such a defeat and bondage fun at all.

Recent EventsEdit

More recently, at the outpost that the unit manned to protect the trade tunnels, Captain Lo'Kee would want to use her artistic abilities, and would find many of her fetish pics, including ones including Lo'Kee! At this point, Achie's submissive nature was largely revealed and might have gotten her into serious trouble if Captain Lo'Kee didn't have other problems to deal with.

Civil WarEdit

Achie Ach'Hast was a member of the unit that was in the capital city of Negeémiliel during Captain Lo'Kee's secret operations there, and participated in guard duties and operations to hunt the bogus 'False Priestess'. During the Civil War, she would ably and skillfully participate in the taking of the Temple of Doom for the Senatorial side of the conflict. Particularly in the capture of the populist sorceress Ved'Lith Meeren.

Current StatusEdit

Achie remains a member of Xuunera Lo'Kee's unit, and Lo'Kee received a big promotion. It's likely that Achie might be considered for a reward for her efforts as would many of the unit. It's possible that Achie would warmly greet the Drow Trio upon their return from enslavement in 2429 a.a.H.


Achie Ach'hast was named for the Deviant Art artist Achast.

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