Adventurer's Guild of Zannas
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First Association of Otherwise Freelance multi race Mercenaries
Second Operate to Protect Ruling Orcs and Humans of the Zannas City-State
Third Regulated to Present Mercenary Actions as Glorious Adventures
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The Adventurers' Guild of Zannas is essentially an affiliation of otherwise free and roaming mercenaries or explorers who perform various "jobs" for the mercantile city-state of Zannas. The Vanolosé Orc and human rulers of the city may well have seized upon the idea of a guild of mercenaries so as to control the problems associated with independent mercenaries and deserters. Members of the Adventurers' Guild are subject to considerable regulation and fees, but the importance of the city of Zannas, the potential quality of small scale mercenary work, and good reputation associated with membership makes it worthwhile endeavor as opposed to operating independently and illegally.

It should be noted that the euphemism of calling mercenaries "Adventurers", and the promise of fame and appreciation of acts that can be seen as "heroic" might also be a significant draw for these would-be heroes. It should also be noted that many mercenaries have indeed taken the legend of heroism to be gained has inspired many a freelancer or even criminal to change their ways as a "heroic adventurer".

Joining the guild by shabazik-d49fnct

Left to Right, Valisy "helps" Neroe Rhedyn and Maylara Maltree buy "PC" handbooks and Monster Manuals in their registration into the Adventurers' Guild.

Description of the Adventurers' Guild Edit

The Adventurer's Guild employs small groups of mercenaries and explorers for the City-State of Zannas. Many irregular mercenaries of Zannas are employed through the city's Adventurers' Guild, with considerable regulation. The Adventurer's Guild is noteworthy of registering and evaluating its mercenary members and assigning various categories such as "fighter", "ranger", "barbarian", and "magic user" among others to their members. The guild also assigns various "levels" to experienced mercenaries of proven skill.

Registered mercenaries are called "Adventurers", but are also referred to by the acronym of "PC" which is short for the money-changing, bureaucratic term "Paying Customer". Those fighters--or civilians--not associated with the Adventurer's Guild or the hierarchy of Zannas are referred to as "NPC" fighters or people. Naturally, this is short for "Non Paying Customer". NPCs are subject less concern as to the accomplishment of a mission. There are rules regarding the behavior of rival PC groups in their work should they come into conflict.

The guild, and the merchant prince backers, like the Adventurers' Guild members to be well educated on the dangers that they face. For that reason, they are sold heavy guides called "handbooks" and "monster manuals" that are to educate them on how to do their dangerous business and to know the threats that they face. Curiously, this "education" seems to extend to the throwing of dice to establish the likelihood of success! The guild and city, and book binders, get quite some income from this book market.

The Adventurers' Guild is officially a more or less non discriminating organization. This is fitting given the independent nature of Zannas, and its mercantile power and wealth even as it exists near and even between the powerful nations of Uslen, Blazakhov and Tok-Thoria that want the coastal city, and have even possessed it in the past.

However, many jobs include the driving out and essentially "ethnic cleansing" of "riff-raff" races such as goblinoids. Orcs are often viewed in suspicion, despite many of the rulers of Zannas are the highly cultured, but also the clearly orcish Vanolosé orcs. Nonetheless, Zannas makes heavy use of orcs in its military and this is often reflected in the Adventurer's Guild. Various other races, like the elfin races, and dwarves, are often to be found in the Adventurers' Guild despite the orcish members and orcish merchant princes.

Opportunities for work, Pay, bounties, loot, and other general rewards for the accomplishment of missions go up with the assigned levels of the Adventurers. This makes the increasing of levels important, and so the adventurers struggle hard to gain levels in the officialdom of the city. They can increase their levels by the difficulty of the jobs assigned and "experience points" gained.

The Adventurers' Guild is largely an enforcement and intelligence arm of the government of Zannas, and the rulers of Zannas prefer to call these mercenaries "Adventurers" and the jobs that they do as "Quests". As many "quests" are of a private nature by one of the many merchant princes of the city or elsewhere, the city both brings in money from commission fees through the guild, and also, the rulers of the city has deniability for jobs done. Small groups of mercenaries can often slip in and accomplish what a whole company cannot. They also have a certain way of vanishing from sight--one way or another--should their jobs result in political inconvenience, or failure.

The adventure party by shabazik-d49iukn

Left to right, Novice Adventurers Maylara Maltree and Neroe Rhedyn, each dressed in a rented "chainmail bikini" costume, join more experienced Adventurers Grimoir D'Aryy and Bog.

History and Notable Figures Edit

Little is yet recorded of the history of the Adventurer's Guild. It is not known if the organization and its system continued to thrive after the city of Zannas was severely damaged in the year 2428 a.a.H. by earthquakes, along with a siege and sacking by the Gorbegeos barbarians. The city was relocated and rebuilt elsewhare in its large harbor, and would later rise to greatness again under the Blazakhov Empire. If the Adventurers' Guild had similar fortunes is unknown.

The adventurer Bog is a well known member of the guild, as is his sometimes companion, the dwarven paladin Grimoir D'Aryy.

The surface raised drow, Maylara Maltree, and her mountain elf companion, Neroe Rhedyn were low level adventurers following the guild's system when they were captured by Ur Dur goblins in a subterranean adventure.

Another known adventurer is Valisy, a Vanolosé orc explorer, merchant, and a face of officialdom in the Adventurers' Guild. Noted for demonstrating that the Adventurers' Guild allows explorers as members who have little combat ability, Valisy loathes violence. It should also be noted that being a Vanolosé orc merchant that has successfully made several trade agreements, and discovery of resources--particularly that of the walruses, a fad pet beloved by the Vanolosé orcs--may have much to do with his appointment as a guild officer.

  • Bog -- a level 10 or 11 barbarian of uncertain lineage
  • Grimoir D'Aryy -- a dwarven paladin of an unknown but high level
  • Maylara Maltree -- a drow (surface raised) level 2 rogue
  • Neroe Rhedyn -- a sylvan elf (really, a mountain elf) level 2 fighter
  • Valisy -- a Vanolosé Orc explorer and merchant, unknown level and class
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