The Continent of Aels (Some words on map are in the Spanish)

Aels was a continent on the planet Aiers.

AELS: South of Hieyoks and north to Zarhuy, the main regions are SARGOS, POLFORIA, NUBLA, BARLANS, DUME, PURPURIAN, IPERTO and USLEN.

  • Sargos was once high elf, but conquered by north-western Christian humans, and the same happened to Purpuria and Dume.
  • Barlans, Iperto and Uslen, meanwhile, was conquered orthodox humans, but latter, due the wars with daimons and expansion of the Islam, most of these territories fell into Islamic Kanov-human hands.
  • Polforia, due to climatic changes turned into a swamp, but the humans blamed the demons, who built their empire here (aside from fortresses in Hortann and Tok-Thoria in Uslen and Purpuria). There, the human population is minimal, and the demons of all classes, orcs, beast-people, blood-elf and all the members of the Dark Legion reign.
  • Nubla is the last remnant of the large and wild forests, and where the population who fled from human and daimons ended reduced...

Under Aels stretch most of the Underworld of Kazrrad, and Negeémiliel is under the region of Uslen.

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