Silvan light infantryelf by shabazik-d5mubzf

A sylvan elf light infantry from the lands of Ahrean, in Hieyoks

Ahrean Sylvan Elves A nation of sylvan elves that lived in the Ahrean region of the western coast of the Hieyoks Continent.

S I L V A N E L F Silvanus elvii

Race: Sylvan Elf

Class: Light Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Silvan elf, forest elf, sylvan elf, eastern elf

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis


The Sylvan Elves are a race of Rossnes Light Elfs who lived in eastern Aels and Hieyoks. Sylvan elves are Rossnes elves who tend to be light skinned and have hair that ranges from blonde to browns and greens. They are a little shorter and smaller than High elves.


The Rossnes elves that settled on the west coast of Hieyoks, essentially the same elven people that lived across the sea in the eastern Aels. Like the Sylvan elf nations before the colonial period of the Empire of Whide Axis their kingdoms had their own golden age, until the arrival of the High elves.

However, unlike in Aels, there were no refuges like the great forests of Nubla and Bierteno for them to retreat into, and so they were more quickly conquered, making easier the High Elf occupation of these eastern Sylvan elf lands...

at least, until the Age of Invasions, when disease -the Curse of the Doroz and the successive Galaw Orc, Kanov and human invasions, made their power crumble.

Due to all of this, there are really several, very different and diverse Sylvan elf cultures, for example, the sylvan elves of Ahrean, from Hieyoks, who were as well closely related with the Southern Snow elf people by culture and blood.

Just as the Sylvan elves of Hieyoks quickly became subjects of the Empire of Whide Axis, so to did their descendants need to cooperate with human societies in a way that the western Sylvan elf colonies resisted for several centuries.

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