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Aiers is the 4th world in the Aiers Star System, in the World in the Nebulosa of Ots. Because of its position, it's called Aiers IV, even though the star system is named after it. This planet was the cradle of human, and demi-human, races that would expand out into the Nebulosa of Ots.

This planet was subject to terraforming devices that reshaped its continents into an approximation of earth's.

Aiers Star System BodiesEdit

This planet Aiers IV had seven moons, being only two of significant size.

There were two other 'Aiers Type' planets in the Aiers system.

Continents on Aiers IVEdit

  • Aels -- Corresponds to "Europe"
  • Hieyoks -- Corresponds to "Asia"
  • Ushaenor -- Corresponds to "North and South America"
  • Zean -- Corresponds to "Australia"
  • Zarhuy -- Corresponds to "Africa"
  • Amparpica -- Corresponds to "Antarctica" Rose from the bottom of the Yiss Ocean as a result of the terraforming event known as The Cataclysm.

Rivers of AiersEdit

Location of major rivers by Continent:

north-western AelsEdit

  • Osorio River -- Very important, ‘western European’
  • Trefflé River – in Huncle, ‘western European’
  • Alë River – ‘western European’

North-central AelsEdit

  • Polf River – huge, long, sluggish river in Polforia
  • Barlans River – south of Polforia

South-central AelsEdit

  • Cain River – in Purpurian
  • Veiner River – in Purpurian
  • Ruhen River

Eastern AelsEdit

  • Mont River


  • Ure River – in the northwest, very important
  • Antorian River – south central to south west, runs through Antor
  • Shaa River – south west
  • Milo River – north east
  • Mibamwa River – south east ?
  • Rohnion River – central to east


  • Yuatze River – Hin (‘China’) river
  • Angren River – (‘Indochina’)
  • Rajsangpur River – (‘Indochina’)


  • Engleray River
  • Marraos River
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