The Sargos-Akresh War was a war fought in the Alan Isles and the Alani shores of Aels between the Kingdom of Sargos and Akresh, between the 2014 and 2022 a.a.H.

Sargos, that was in a process of expansion in the Alan Isles, having invaded and conquered Liohn, saw as an opportunity to extend their reach to Akresh when Prince Joole -son of the deposed and brutally assesinated king by the Usurper Isai I- requested for help to retake his father's kingdom.

In this war, the Akreshi and their usurper, backed by the grey elves and his loyal humans, defeated the newly created Sargonic fleets, having defended his island, but being unable to land a sizeable force in the Aelian shores, the Akreshi actions were limited to coastal raids.

The war results, that resulted in a stalemate, will put a halt to the oceanic expansion of Sargos -having to abandone their conquest of Liohn at the 2016, unable to hold the island between the Akresh and Liohnese-and will be as well the beginning of the era of the Pirates of Akresh until the 2100s. in a stalemate. Beginning of the era of the Pirates of Akresh until the 2.100s.

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