Alcachofi was one of the human kingdoms in the eastern Hin, being created during the last century of the Dark Age of Demons era, and existing as an independent state until the Joaquintopian annexion, regaining later it's independence in contemporary times.

The Alcachofi where renown for being mercenaries, and for their warrior Princesses, being as well common for Alcachofi women to fight alongside men.

Alcachofi it’s an immense fluvial plain, where flows the rivers Angren and Rajsangpur, forming a great delta with a maze of rives and channels, covered by lushly rainforests, swamps and wet farmlands, that arrive to the ocean in the Alcachofi gulf.

It’s climate was monsoonal, with the rain season lasting from June to September, which sometimes caused catastrophic floodings, with a tropical temperature, having a very diverse vegetation and rich fauna.

The Kingdom of Alcachofi was a muslim kingdom of the northeast of Hin, in the continent of Hieyoks.

It was founded around the 2400’s, when upon the advance of the Dannu muslims in northern Hin, the local hindu and Buddhist dynasties where displaced by muslim ones, and most of the inhabitants of the jungles and swamps of Alcachofi converted to the Islam.

During the Second War of the Power, with the expansion of the Dark Legion of demons influence toward Hieyoks, the loranor Rakshasa kingdoms of Hin and Hinbina joined the Dark Legion, beginning –within the context of the Second War of the Powers- the Tiger Wars, between human kingdoms against the Rakshasa kingdoms, supported by the Dark Legion.

A poor region, surrounded by swamps and dangerous jungles, the Alcachofi became known as fierce warriors, mercenaries and pirates of the Alachofi gulf, and their warrior queens, that leaded them, became legendary.

While most of the Alcachofi were muslims –about 85%-, they conserved much of the hin traditions and fashions of the alcachofian tribes, as the matriarchal organization of the kingdom –or rather, queendom, as the power was inherited from mother to daughter, due an ancestral conception.-

After the Third War of the Power and The Cataclysm –that didn’t affected as strongly the Hin and Hinbina regions in general- during the 2800’s became more constant the wars between the hindu and muslim realms of Hin, facing Alcachofi cycles of expansion and contraction, depending of the adverse or positive luck of the wars.

However, these warring states finally ruined the economy of Alcachofi, tired the population, and gave an opportunity to foreigner Aelian powers to meddle in their internal issues, and in the 3000’s, Alcachofi will become a colony of the Joaquintopian Sargonic Empire, being this the formal end of the Alcachofi kindom, changing in repeated occasions from hands during the colonial wars, much to the indifference to most of the local population, being the last colonial rule of Christophenia, when it was known as Surcania, or Östchristophenia, when it will be lived a slow process first to autonomy, and finally after the third world war of Aiers, into full independence as a new Alcachofian state.

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