Alesdale was a region of southern Ushaenor, often contested between Hake Dark Elves and the Empire of Whide Axis.

The Asbari Dark Elven Kingdom of Alesdale Edit

Originally, Alesdale was one of the Asbari kingdoms, that were integrated into the M'adhaya Hake Empire around the 7.000 a.a.H. Is actually debated if by the time of its integration in the Hake Empire, it was either a kingdom, a league of city states, rival city states or a rebel province of Asbaran, and while it is supposed the anexion was largely peaceful, but archaeological records indicated some level of conflict.

Whatever was the political organization before the incorporation in the M'adhaya empire was, as result of this the territory was organized or reorganized as the Kingdom of Alesdale, a differentiated political entity from Asbaran, while it was culturally linked. As often there was competition between Asbari and Alesdale,

Around the 5.500 to the 5.000 b.a.H, Skarbael the Conqueror, a dark elf king of Alesdale, helped to achieve further unification of the Hake Dark elven kingdoms under the M'adhaya Emperor Shar-Nassil and later his successor and usurper, Sul'Mien of Hake, which after the conquest of the Skabli hakes proclaimed the Hake Empire around the 5000 b.a.H.

The Hake Imperial Province of Alesdale Edit

The High Elven March of Alesdale Edit

During the Elf wars, much of the core regions of the Empire will fall, losing much of their more powerful states, beginning the last phase of the Hake Empire, the diminished Asbari Hake Empire, which tried to hold the southern provinces against the advancing High Elves, will finally fall at the 228 b.a.H, after the battle of Dreädleg, in which the Empress Shu-Sharri was killed without heirs, and while there was already a political crisis between the asbari and the hake refugees of high elven conquered territories, no continuation to the Asbari Hake Empire was found.

Unhindered, the High elven forces marched into Alesdale, sacking and destroying it, founding their own realm.

But while the previous Emperor of the Elves had asked for a last push to finish the last remnants of the Hake Empire, Emperor of the Elves Madhanach ( 397 - 221 b.a.H) feared that a final defeat of the Hakes would mean the loss of predominancy of the Emperor over the High Elven society,so he slowed down the military operations against the Hake, while trying to extend his rule not only over military matters, but legitimize his power over other aspects of high elven society.

These advances of the Whide Axis imperial authority were resented by the High elven kingdoms, but meant as well an opportunity for the Hakes to gather again their forces. With the menace of a civil war in the empire's territories and the Hakes massing in the south, Aran II ( 188 - 254 a.a.H) marched to the south of Ushaenor, and will be defeated by the reduced remnants of the Asbari Hake Empire.

This defeat meant both a halt to the High Elven attempts to conquer the last strongholds of the Hake and the weakening of the figure of the Emperor, which was followed by a short struggle of power between the High Elf Kingdoms seeking for dominance in the Empire of Whide Axis, from which the Empire will surge from the crisis as a federation with only a nominal authority -the emperor- of high elf states.

While victorious in the Elf Wars, the High Elves emerged weakened from them.

The Second Hake Kingdom of Alesdale Edit

After the fall of the Asbari Hake Empire, the Hake people of southern Ushaenor eventually coalesced into two major Hake nations: Slägol and Ärkan, who will seize centuries later the opportunity during the Age of Invasions of the weakened Empire of Whide Axis to reconquer and refound Asbaran, Alesdale and Däl-Häron.

From there, they will continue to fight a protracted, low scale conflict with the High Elves in the campaigns of Exemig, and only the use of the High Elves of Lataverican Human Settlers to populate the contested regions and as a buffer, stopped Hake attempts of further expansion.

The first Dark Elf King of Zaghäl, Uvilia, was from Alesdale. Used as a platform to launch their campaigns across the Odol Mountains during the Third War of the Power, during the war after the Hake defeats in their offensive, it suffered the counteroffensive of the High Elves, who sacked and occupied northern Alesdale at the 2653-2654 a.a.H, while the Dark Elves retained the south, becoming a battlefield for the remainder of the war until the Cataclysm.

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