Alfdreim, Alfdreim or Dreim was a city of southern Degoland, in the barony of Hanat, by the river Osorio. By the Second Dark Age, it had the largest Elferie or elf quarters among the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest.

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While many of the older cities of the Five Kingdoms originated from elven cities of Old, be from the rossnes elven kingdoms of Aiea -as the ancient Empire of Aiese- or the later High elves' kingdoms, as Cairn'Hayrn and others, it wasn't the case of Aelfdreim, as in most cases the humans built upon the ruins or took the cities of elves of old.

Aelfdreim, later known as Alfdreim, Old Alfdreim or Dreim, originated from displaced elven refugees during the beginning of the Five Warring Kingdoms period and the first Sargos-Degoland War (1974-2000), that began this period of conflict. In this war, as the luck turned against Degoland, the Degolandic, remembering the close links between the former Sargonic king Aelfred and elves, blamed the elves' populations, who were targeted by degolandic mobs, armies of degoland and enemy sargonic forces.

With the royal armies invested in the war of Sargos, the Baron of Hanat worried about the southern border and the Kanov barbarians of the Barlans, and invited the degolandic Grey elves to settle down in his scarcely populated lands: And so, Aelfdreim would originate from a refugee camp, from which later emerged a settlement and then a town, though some historians discuss that there may have been previous elven settlements in the area, dating to the time of the collapse of the Weseringian Empire, in which case the baron only continued the policy of his predecessors.

Enduring pogroms and persecutions, many of the elves of Degoland began to migrate to the south, to Aelfdreim, which had become a walled elf city, directly depending on the Baron by the XXI century.

While initially an elven-only city -being for long the only elven-only city among the Five Kingdoms, until the foundation of the March of Cairie in the Northern Marches-, the city began to attract as well half-elves and human settlers, who began to build their homes outside of the walls of Aelfdreim, to conduct trade and business with the elves of Aelfdreim.

Asthe human population increased, New Alfdreim -or Mensendreim- began to envelope the old city, and in the farmlands, humans began to protest to the baron of Hanat, for elves having property over the land, which led during the years before the First War of the Power to a worsening of the situation for the elves in Alfdreim, as they were banned from owning farms, and were to live within the walls of the old city. 

During the First War of the Power, as the armies of the Dark Legion of Demons marched into Alfdreim, having heard of the defeat of the Battle of Degoland, the town council surrendered the city rather than to fight, opening the gates for the city to be sacked, but not destroyed, and the lives of their inhabitants respected, escaping enslavement.

After the war, humans blamed elves for being the ones opening the gates and surrendering the city, and rumours persited in it claiming it to be elven treason and plotting rather than a decision of the whole town council, but due to the alliance between the high elven Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis and the Kingdoms of the Northwest, while tensions rose within the city, there were actually some laws that relaxed the grip over the non-human population... but in other parts of the realm, to escape the rising anti-non-human sentiment, more non-humans migrated, either to the closer Aelfdreim, or to the new Northern Marches, to the Polforian States of the Outregam, or the new elven principality of Erenian, beyond the traditional borders of the Northwestern Kingdoms, in the Barlans.

Not only growth the elven population, but as well other non-humans. Dwarf merchants and craftsdwarves made a small dwarf quarter, and some of the civilised orcs and half-orcs lived outside the city walls (as the municipal charter banned them from living within the city), and even was formed a Doroz or cursed elf Doroz Quarter: but the largest population became the humans.

By the time of the Sargonic Wars and the Second War of the Power, Aelfdreim had about 5,000 elves and half-elves living in the Elferie of Old Aelfdreim, being by far the largest elferie of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, a number that remained somewhat stable since the aftermath of the First War of the Power. But while at the time of the First War of the Power, lived about 2,000 humans in the New Aelfdreim or Mensendreim, in the human quarters outside the old wall, by the Sargonic wars, human population (and other non-humans inhabitants living in Mensendreim, outside of the elferie) had reached about 30,000 inhabitants, making elfdreim one of the largest cities of southern Degoland, and with the old city being completely encircled by the human city.

The crowded Aelfdreim, became known for its lack of security, the gangs and cutthroats, and the criminal elven youth helped create a stereotype among the humans of Mensendreim, that brandished all elves as thieves and cut-purse, and as well, practitioners of dark arts and magic.

To this, the elven community of Aelfdreim blamed in their own to the later immigrants, and specially, to the Doroz, or cursed elves, to the point that among the elven neighbours, they began calling these criminals and delinquents "Doroz", despite them being or not actually Doroz elves. It was said, there was a Thieves Guild operating within Alfdreim, but this was contested by the town council authorities. 

A large city with a diverse population and relative tolerance in comparison to other places of the Five Kingdoms, and unlike the scarcely populated, frontier Erenian, in the safety of its traditional borders, it kept growing, attracting further city dwellers... which later, included not only light elves, much to the distaste to the "old Aelfdreim" elves.

in Aelfdreim, will be founded by Grey elves from Dol-Sorne and a couple of teachers from the City of the Wizards of the Coast of Dahl'Haran, will be founded the Aelfdreim University of Aiea, which came to be one of the larger magic universities within the Five Kingdoms, and unlike the University of Karentia, that while had magic courses to elves and elven-blood magicians, it wasn't as closely watched by the Karentian Church.

Population Edit

Humans Edit

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Other Non-Humans Edit

Year / Population Human Elven Other Non-Human
2000 - 500 -
2100 100 2000 -
2200 2000 3000 50
2300 10000 4000 1000
2400 30000 5000 2000

Note: The growth of humans relative to the growth of elves and other non-humans demonstrated in Aelfdreim might serve as a microcosm example of humans coming to outnumber non-humans throughout the world of Aiers, without numbers of non-humans necessarily decreasing.

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