The Alianza Goffyana, Alianza Goffyca, or GOFFY Alliance, commonly known as the Alianza is an Otsarian federal republic, composed of states, self-governing territories and various possesions, being the one of the Secondary Powers of the Nebula of Ots.

While the Constitución de la Alianza establishes the GOFFY ideology and principles as base of the alliance, it doesn't determines the form of government of the individual states -being there multi and single party democratic systems, military dictatorships, aristocratic republis, principalities, kingdoms and anarchist communes as members of the Alianza.-

The Alianza doesn't have an official language or religion, but is mostly used at the Alianza level of government aeirspañiol.

A very diverse nation, legislation of the Alianza promoted to keep this diversity, even in an age of cloning, establishing quotas of ethnicities when cloning population.

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