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The Wedding of Alisha and Hastur the Lame. In the foreground, Alisha to the left, and Hastur to the Right

Alisha (Nortolon, 2253 a.a.H - ? a.a.H.) was a Wild elf ranger from Nortolon, and later fiancee of Hastur the Lame.


  • An experienced Ranger
  • Well versed in the ways of Antorian Orcs
  • Has Facial tattoos as tribal custom
  • Works for and coordinates with Nortolon High elves
  • Hair Braids as Wild elf tribal custom
  • A skilled swordswoman



Nortolon is a kingdom of the High elves, one of three left in Zarhuy, and the only one remaining intact on the plains of Antor. Nortolon has few natural barriers unlike the other remaining kingdoms, independent colonies that emerged from the elven Empire of Whide Axis. Nortolon survives due to military strength and readiness. Wild elves also live in the kingdom of Nortolon as non-citizen inhabitants, but they do their part for the kingdom as farmers, laborers, hunters, warriors, rangers and scouts.

Alisha lived as a scout and ranger who acted to defend Nortolon in particular, and Wild elf tribes in particular from the depredations of Antorian Orcs, or sometimes other threats. Alisha's duties took her all over Antor, as intelligence of orc movements and preparations for raids were very important to know. In a sense, all Wild elf tribes cooperated with the Nortolon Rangers and so served as eyes and ears, and this information might benefit tribes if the orcs would raid. Sometimes Nortolon warriors and knights would work alongside the rangers to fight to protect or recover elves taken by orcs.

Captive of the OrcsEdit

Alisha would come to be captured at some point by the orcs. There was a major orc inter-tribal orc cooperative raiding campaign that swept through the land in 2398 a.a.H. Many regions were raided and a number of elf and human villages were destroyed, such as the village of Al'Jathis. Alisha was captured in the midst of this wave as well, presumably from getting too close.

Alisha ended up as a captive and slave in an orc village with an injured arm. She met the Wild elf Hastur the Lame there for the first time. He was in an adjoining cage in a sort of rude slave barracks of the orcs where they discussed their mutual problems. Normally these two would not be likely to meet, as Nortolon and Al'Jathis are at opposite corners of Antor. But the raiding campaign had spread captives far and wide. Naturally, the two were worried, Hastur advised Alisha to be rid of her arm sling as injuries made captive elves targets for being eaten by the orcs. Indeed, slaves for orcs are an emergency food supply.


Hastur and Alisha, along with a young elven girl, would be saved by Belád Bonceduil, the White Hermit, who was disguised as a human merchant. Antorian Orcs tending to be more tolerant of races such as humans and dwarves as they brought trade opportunities. In this case, the supposed human merchant traded fireworks for the three elven slaves that the Orc village had. Hastur had prior encounters with the White Hermit as was not much pleased to have been saved by him.

Hastur the LameEdit

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Alisha finds that her angry lover Hastur the Lame has gotten into a fight with human or Kanov caravan traders who have staked him out to slowly die. He was not always a very good informant given his anger issues

In order to pay Belád Bonceduil back, Hastur would work for him as a sometimes assistant, and would also look for lost captives from Al'Jathis. In this role, Hastur would become an informant of Alisha and she would help him with his search in turn. The two would become lovers, despite Hastur's annoying anger and ongoing grief problems, also, Hastur's search for his lost 'niece' Naemae (Fluffy the Pet Elf) would be a consuming venture. Between Hastur's Quixotic Quest to rescue the niece of his deceased lover, the first Naemae, and the physical distance between them, their relationship didn't develop deeper for decades.

Indeed, Alisha would try and bring Hastur into her organizational operations, but his stubbornness and anger issues would often get in the way.


Fluffy, the Orc QueenEdit

in 2428 a.a.H., Alisha would here of a rumor of a new 'Orc Queen' rising among the orcs. This was reputedly a young girl who had been captured by orcs long ago, and had been named 'Fluffy'. Despite the ridiculous name, the girl had been trained and brainwashed so as to kill elves on behalf of her Antorian Orc fellows. Taking the time to visit her sometimes lover Hastur the Lame at the swamp island home of the White Hermit, Alisha passed this information onto him either in that it might have some relevance to Hastur's lost 'niece' Naemae, or that it was simply interesting information of her current job. Hastur found the idea fanciful, but it would seem that he decided to check up on it.

Hastur and the Orc KillersEdit

Hastur the Lame, while continuing his dangerous activity of searching for his young 'niece' Naemae, would find an orc village being attacked by Orc Killers, and would choose to fight the orc killers and rescue what orcs he could. In this way he would discover his lost 'niece' Naemae, now grown to a woman, and married to an orc sub-chieftain named Mataelfo. The young woman was the 'Fluffy the Orc Queen' that had so concerned the Nortolon Rangers, but the reality was that she was merely a recently freed slave who had married an orc.

This event would end Hastur's quest, and would put at least some of his demons to rest. Meeting Alisha later, they would decide to finally marry. The two would take a canoe trip from the Saahdons swamp island home of the White Hermit, along with Fluffy and two orc children stowaways, and after landing after the Shaa River became too rough, would journey to Thilien the rest of the way overland. There, they would marry amidst Hastur's people, the refugees of Al'Jathis.

Speculation: One wonders how much Alisha knew or suspected of this 'Fluffy the Orc Queen' before telling Hastur? Additionally, Alisha might have known that the Orc Killers were in the area, and suspected that Hastur was behind their being foiled? Finding Hastur amidst a orc refugees perhaps raised her eyebrows--but perhaps didn't really surprise her?

Speculation: It is also worth noting that the marriage between the two finally took place. Alisha might have decided to hold back information from the Nortolon Rangers and even retire from their ranks in her marriage to Hastur?

Current StatusEdit

It is not known how marital bliss will change the lives of Alisha and Hastur. Alisha may return to the Saahdons island with Hastur, whether she will continue as a Nortolon ranger is unknown.

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