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Amazons of northern Aels. Left to Right, a Helzar of the early First War of the Power, an amazon of an unidentified tribe, an amazon of the Order of Saint Creöle, and an amazon of the Queendom of Priva

Amazon barbarian

An amazon of northern aels

'The Amazons were warrior women. Often they had no relation to each other than that they were women who were noted for fighting or otherwise dominating their culture, often living apart from men, but using men as it suited them, particularly in continuing their line. Most often amazons were considered a Human cultural direction, hence some might consider the matriarchal Drow or female fighters like the Ozcura Orcs to be amazons, most scholars would not apply the name to purely non-humans. However, due to the amazons choosing their mates, many times they would indeed choose non-humans, so as there would be many women of clearly mixed blood in the amazon tribes. Sometimes non-human females might be incorporated into such amazons as well.

Amazons of AelsEdit

In the north of Aels, in the region of Polforia, was the lands of the Amazon Tribes.

Polforia was the ancestral home of the Elfkind, as well there lived several beast people, orc, giants and ogres, but the situation really changed with the settlement of the Kanovs near the 380 after the Apparition of Humanity, and more fierce and competitive, their kingdoms and tribes achieved the hegemony, and near the 500, finally after more than a century of war there was a bit of peace... that was destroyed, with the settlement of Humans:

As the other players moved to the peripheries of the land, the war for supremacy between humans and Kanovs would be constant until the 1.703, when the demons built the dark tower of Dol-Nur, and final demon domination...

But during this dark age of warfare, in the north of Polforia in the great bay of Hieyoksmainer, emerged a rather particular human culture: the amazon tribes.

Their origin is unknown, and there are a series of myths from their own explaining their origin, as well from their enemies.

The amazon tribes had in common being a matriarchal society and their warrior women, however, their relation between genders really changed among tribes: Some just kept them in a secondary duty, in their homes, meanwhile other tribes actively kept men outside their borders, and raided the near villages when they needed men.

Sometimes these men being not only Kdaimon human fishers, but as well Sylvan elfs and High elves in the Amazons' early history, and Grey elfs and Blood elfs from the later, human or demon dominated elven communities. So, due to this mixed blood, many lived longer than other humans, some had more petite sizes and lithe frames, and there were even witches and sorceresses.

For long time they remained independent, thanks to their fierce warriors, but during the First War of the Power (2.203-2.223) due to the danger they meant to the war effort of the Dark Legion, they were the first to be attacked, and their lands were swarmed by the large armies of the Dark Legion...

After that war and the defeat, the amazon nation was never the same:

Among the tribes, new religions and nations raised: from the west, the Christians of the military order of Nortender began their crusade to convert the pagan amazons to their faith, meanwhile the amazon Kingdoms of Priva and Helzar began their fight for supremacy, and the return of the demons had the amazons between two fires, and they needed to decide for one or the other side... it was the end to their independence...


After the defeat of the Great Demon Lords in the First War of the Power, there was a power vacuum in Polforia that some greedy warmistress of the amazons, who during the war joined the demons, were determined to fill:

Using the knowledge of a great Demoness who escaped from exile to Mount Satanmet, on the island of Demonatch, what was only a single tribe became the amazon Empire.

The armies were large, but due cultural and religious positions, they didn't use armors, as they were daughters of Lilith, and her blood will protect them. In their expansion, they defeated several smaller amazon tribes and kingdoms, but in the end they were only a vassal state of the Dark Legion of Demons, obligated to give them tributes and soldiers once the Great Demon lords returned from their exile.

Their most renowned leader, who unified the Helzar amazon tribes was Empress Ursus the Bear, who was thought to be a living goddess to her followers.


Priva was one of the main Amazon Queendoms of the Bay of Hieyokscream, which had a flourishing culture, until its final defeat by the hordes of Ursus, empress of the Helzar, during the opening campaign of the First War of the Power. Afterwards, it will be re-founded as a duchy, until it was finally annexed by the Sovereign Military Order of Nortender.

Order of St. CreöleEdit

The Advance of the Christianity over Aiers was a slow, and difficult work, what was done slowly, upon the centuries:

The Christianization worked both upon the sword and the cross, and among the Military Orders who expanded the Christianity by the sword, the Order of Nortender worked in the North of Polforia, over the Pagans of the Amazons, Dwarfs, Kdaimons and Blood elfs.

One of their longest campaigns of conversion was against the Amazons of the Bay of Hieyokscream, in the North of Polforia, but after 40 years of constant war, they were able to subjugate the proud nation of warriors into the Christianity -and more important, under the order of Nortender-

However, when facing the "demons", they quickly found themselves to be, somewhat short of manpower:

And having under their domains, a nation full of women with warrior traditions, they took the opportunity: and so was born the Order of Saint Creöle, in honor of the first Amazon saint of Christianity.

As well happened in the Military Order of Nortender and their warrior priests, the battle nuns weren't especially holy, pious, or something like that, and normally the Knights were as well noble-woman, without education, and less a religious vocation, but had an excellent ability to kill infidels, "demons" and heretics, playing a key role in the Crusade of the North...

Minor amazon Tribes of Hieyokscream Bay Edit

  • Sarthians, Free Amazon Tribe of the south of the Bay. One of the tribes of the Helzar. Later rivals of the Harmares, they accepted protection of Nortender before the Second War of the Power
  • Harmares, Free Amazon Tribe of the south of the Bay. One of the tribes of the Helzar, east of the Sarthians, their rivals. They bend the knee to the Witch king of Dol'Nur before the Second War of the Power
  • Yomomna, Amazon Tribe of the southeast of the Bay. One of the tribes of the Helzar, as it was lost it's identity as an amazon tribe, name remained for a demonic city

Amazons of HieyoksEdit


Amazons of ZarhuyEdit

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