Amparpica is Aiers southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It emerged after The Cataclysm from the bottom of the Yiss Ocean. Most of the Amparpica is covered by ice, which extends to all but the northernmost regions of the Amparpica, where is concentrated most of the human settlements.

Amparpica, the last and newest Aierian continent is on average, the coldest, driest, and windiest continent. The temperature in Antarctica has reached − 95°C.

For long a myth and base of speculations about a southern land, the continent will only be discovered in the 3050's, but it will remain largely neglected for the XXXI and first half of the XXXII centuries because of its hostile environment and isolation.

For long an inhabited territory, it will be a base first of whalers and fishers, before military and scientific posts were placed on the continent until the 3240's, when Münzen settled the continent, with a quickly exanding population in the next decades, to reach 180 million inhabitants.

The nations of the Amparpica are the Amparpican Republic, the Amparpican Society or Societans and Seerland.

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