Count Andromakus was a Bazrrod demon lord of the Dark Legion of Demons

He was said by human demonologists to have thirty-six legions of demons at his service, and that "He can bring back both a thief and the stolen goods, punishes all thieves and other wicked people, and discovers hidden treasures, all evilness, and all dishonest dealing" 

Count Andromakus had this reputation among Christians, for he had been a judge of the Demonic Republic, and aside of prosecuting petty criminals and the thieves who dared to try to take from the Demon Lords, he was as well called to investigate crimes between demon lords, who despite their secret machinations have come to public light.  

While sometimes characterised as a Judge, his role was not only of Judge, but jury and fiscal. 

Later, after the fall of the demonic Republic, he became under the rule of Paimon, who used Andromakus to further his own political agenda, a role that Andromakus despised. 

At the end of the First War of the Power, he was captured and his soul stone kept by the Order of the Watchers of Hellsgate

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