Anglasecuarnia, officially the Caliphate of Anglasecuarnia (Tardic: Calyfato de Anglasecuarña, Bazik: Trans: Al-Ḫilāfat al-ʾSecurnyya), is a sovereign state located on the Anglasecuarnian Peninsula in southwestern Aels. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Caritz Sea, to the north by Alailë, northeast by Ruhenia, Pamelia and Motzabili; and to the west and northwest by the Alan Ocean, and across the Tardic channel, the archipelago of Erbia and the kingdom of Juanpableiro.

Anglasecuarnia is the second largest contry in Western Aels, and by population, Anglasecuarnia is the sixth largest in Aels. 

Before The Cataclysm, all of what will become the Anglasecuarnian peninsula was deep under the Alan Sea, and Mercania, which was once in its place, was displaced by the Cataclysm significatively eastward with the rise of Anglasecuarnia.

Tardic, Botanian and Blazakhovian will settle down in the raised lands over the sea by the 2700 - 2710, being founded the Caliphate of Al-'Securnyya at the 2733 a.a.H, which was able to conquer the Christian human and non-human kingdoms that had been set: By the 2775, it ruled all over the Anglasecuarnian Peninsula. 

Anglasecuarnia is a democracy organized in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy. Having been an Aierian major power, it declined after the Anglasecuarnian Wars, becoming increasingly a middle power: however it is still a developed country.


Anglasecuarnian population is about a 94% human, with 6% of non-humans. Among the humans, the main ethnic groups are Tardic, Botanian, Gorbegean and Bazik. The 6% of non-humans is divided in a 3% of elves, 1,75% goblinoids and 1% Draaki, with a 0,25% of other non-human ascendence.


Islam has long been the main religion of Anglasecuarnia, and although it no longer has official status by law, in all public schools in Anglasecuarnia students have to choose either a religion or ethics class, and Islam is the only religion officially taught. According to a study by the Anglasecuarnian Centre for Sociological Research about 59% of Anglasecuarnians self-identify as muslim, 29% as Karentian Christian, 2% other faith and about 10% identify with no religion. Most Anglasecuarnians do not participate regularly in religious services. 

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