Elf Ice elf warrior color

An Anqueael Frost Knight of northern Hieyoks

A N Q U E A E L, Glacies elvii

Race:Ice Elf

Class:Dark Elf

Specie: Anqueael 

Other names: Aenian, Ice Elf, White elf, Northern Elf, Artic Elf, Polar elf, Pale elf, Jäätonttu, Ied,snow elf, frost elf.

Allegiance: Independent cities, Dark Legion of Demons

Ice Elves DescriptionEdit

The Ice Elves or Anqueael are a race of elves who lived in the north of

Hieyoks and the Artic circle, often classified either as dark or light elves..

Normally, they have white or light blue skintones, and it is normal  among them to have white and grey hair, and as well brown and black, and some Ice elves with red or blonde hair. They are the tallest of the six race categories of elves, with a height about as great as humans.

They are more thinly built than a Rossnes elf of equivalent height. They have particularly narrow and sharp features.

The Anqueael were one of the six original races of elves - Rossnes, Zuleis, Verdennos, Anqueael, Wollumis and Neroz-, who settled in the northern territories of Hieyoks.

Like many of the inhabitants of the north of  Hieyoks, during early ages of their prehistory, they lived

during the Age of the Giants, when the Hieyoks Ice Giants dominated much of the northern continent, enslaving the other races and using them as servants, vassals, slaves and food,  fighting the ice elves along and against the hordes of the Ice giants, taking a part in several of the clashes and battles during the wars of the dwarves and giants.


Golden AgeEdit

Around the third millennium before the appearance of humanity, after a giant defeat against the dwarves, the Ice elves where capable of escaping from the giants' clutches, and began to rise as a power in their own right. The originof the Anqueael civilization its around the 2.800 before the Apparition of Humanity, beingfounded one of their more important city states, Xcresenia, the 2.724 before the Apparition of Humanity, reaching their golden age around the 2100 before the apparition of humanity, having captured much of the former lands of the giants, and establishing their rule over many of their former servants. 


However, the constant struggle between the city states, while it make them more competitive and having aspirit of expansion, meant in the end as well the beginning of their decadence, slowly beginning their fall around the 1900 b.a.H (Before the Apparition of Humanity). The weakening of the Ice elves was soon exploited by the Hieyoks Ice Giants, who left the frozen arctic wastelands, advanced over the ice elves, beginning at the 1.875 b.a.H a new Anqueael-Hieyokers war, between the elves and the Hieyoks Ice Giants, and as well,their servants. The war, that will last centuries, meant that many Anqueael cities fell, and that the surviving ones had to create a confederate Ice elf state around the 1443 b.a.H, to face their numerous enemies: and while they could finally make a stand against the Hieyoks Ice Giants and their servants, and as well their own former vassals, the Ice elf civilization never reached again their former glory.  

Confinement in the NorthEdit

And as such, while they tried to resist the later High Elf imperialism, more lands were lost against the High elves, and later, against the Galaw High orcs: And when the Human age finally arrived, and with them, the Age of Invasions, the remnants of the Ice elves where pushed near the arctic circle, into the more hostile lands, while the more fertile ones were claimed by Human and Kanov, the newly arrived enemies. Because of this, centuries later, when the Confederation of Free Peoples- the Dark Legion of Demons-reached them, seeking an alliance with the enemies of the humans and their allies, the Anqueael confederation would eagerly support them: But marginalized in the frozen wastelands, their support would be largely limited to small mercenary units and fighting in local campaigns.

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