Crop Antor Zarhuy by Shabazik

Antor, the vast and semi-arid plains between the lands of Zarhuy

Antor is a region in central Zarhuy. It is generally of semi-arid scrub plains that is inhabited by sparse numbers of animals and inhabitants.


Carnivorous InhabitantsEdit

The predators and inhabitants might be very dangerous, such as carnivorous Beast People, and the dangerous Antorian Orcs, Trolls, and wild Wargs, hyenas and big cats. Antorian Orcs are common and organized into semi-nomadic clans and villages. Trolls, Loranor, and Gnolls are less numerous and loosely organized, following more natural patterns despite their intelligence.

Wild ElfsEdit

Wild elfs inhabit regions of Antor as well, usually along the periphery where they try to settle along the best lands available for crops, cattle, or hunting. The Wild elfs represent the remainders of lost colonies of High elves of central and southern Zarhuy that fell to orcs, Kanovs and humans in the early centuries A.A.H. They are often at warfare with the other inhabitants, particularly the mightily built Antorian Orcs, and have often been pushed aside or have seen villages destroyed and the elf inhabitants killed or enslaved.

Trading RoutesEdit

Human nomads are seen sometimes as well. Human, Kanov, and Dwarf merchants inhabit trading posts along caravan routes. Many caravans ply the routes of Antor to reach pockets of civilization, or the tribes people. The great High Elf colony of Vanilion being a key market, being the endpoint of the great Vanilion Road. The caravans and trading posts are sometimes targets of the Antorian Orcs, Loranor and Gnolls, but often serve as a means of binding disparate and often hostile, competing people together.

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