Orc Antorian warrior

Antorian Orc warrior of the Plains of Antor

A N T O R I A N  O R C,Gigas Pratum Orcii 


Class: Orc 


Other names: Gigant orc, goliath, Antorian, Plains orcs, orcs of the steppes, large orcs, great orcs, fighting orcs, war orcs.  

Allegiance: warring nomadic hordes, Horde of Antor, mercenaries ofthe Dark Legion  

The Antorian Orcs are goblinoids from the Orc family.  They originated in the central plains of Zarhuy, in the plains of Antor, a place where food and water was scarce, and competition fierce.  They are feared warriors, and even more so as they have domesticated the giant wargs of Antor, but fortunately for their enemies-basically everybody who wasn't an Antorian giant orc of the plains-, due to the tribal organization, their dispersed locations and nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyle, as well as a lack of political organization, makes them more of a chaotic force of destruction. They aren't often seen as an effective military force without organization or goals, other than some raids to gather resources:  However,it was always feared that one of their warlords may rise up, to unify the terrible might of the giant orcs.