Anutkahook (Porfirian Kanov name that meant The Bane of the Nutks, later known as well as Anutkahook the Apprentice) was a Bazrrod demon lord, General of the Dark Legion, stateman, lord of the Nutks, King of Anutkia and after the War of the Four Black Kings. one of the Seven Demon Princes.

While in the early Dark Legion there are few records of who was just another lieutenant of the Dark Legion, he will gain some notoriety as he made subjects of the Confederation of Free Peoples the human nation of the Nutks.

Far from the main battlefields of the First War of the Power, he was able to keep his grip over his Nutk subjects, and will raise himself as a demon king of Anutkia.

With the return of the Demon Lords from their exile in Satanmet, he will grudgingly become once more time one of the lords of the Dark Legion of Demons, being seen as a secondary demon lord for long, despite how he was able to make grow in strength his realm, harboring dreams of independence.

At the 2493 a.a.H, he will attempt to secessionate from the Confederation of Free Peoples, which will be the beginning of the Anutkianhook war, fought between the separatist Anutkia and the rest of the Dark Legion.

The war will end at the 2497 with the Independence of Anutkia as the legions sieging the city of Kuekker failed to take the island-city.

The independence of Anutkia -and Anutkahook remaining as an independent Demon King- will last until the War of the Four Black Kings (2536-2538 a.a.H) a brief but bloody demonic civil war, when four black kings fought to become the right hand of Saatan after the fall of Satman.

After his victory in the Battle of the Plains of Morod, where he defeated the Witch King of Dol-Nur, he will be proclaimed to be the new Apprentice of Saatan, becoming the principal general of the Dark Legion, being the chief commander of the war efforts of the Dark Legion during the Third War of the Power.

He disappeared along with the other demonic princes at The Cataclysm.

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