Aq'ven Kaseem (Blazakhov, 2528 a.a.H.- Zannas, 2614 a.a.H.)


A Blazakhovian Human / Kanov, who became a scholar and professor in the School of New Zannas, in the rebuilt city of Zannas in the 26th Century a.a.H. Was noted for writing his "Commentary" works of the histories, myths, and religions of multiple literate races of Aiers. Was an authority of ancient literary works and myths and legends.

Later works concentrated on researching past history, and often on the Dark Legion, perhaps spurred by signs of the developments of the dark legion at the time. He was able to gather documents written by demons about the past of the Dark Legion of Demons to provide certain insights to the 'Dark Empire' and a few of its figures.

Most of his historical accounts are of analysis and speculations of traumatic or pivotal events in the past. Or analysis of literature or myths and legends, so he can't be considered a prolific reporter of contemporary events. Critics sometimes charge him with over analysis.

His perspective was of a scholar living in an increasing cosmopolitan and technically developing 'Age of Fantasy' world viewing the past, worried about the terrifying potentials of a new, then hypothetical, War of the Power, but ignorant of the climactic events of the coming Third War of the Power and The Cataclysm that brought the developed 'Pre-Modern, Age of Fantasy' world to a close.

Known Works:Edit

"Commentaries of Myths and Religions of the Demi-Humans of Aiers" (2564 a.a.H.)

"Commentaries and Origins of Popular Legends" (2565 a.a.H.)

A Treatise on Pumori of the White Fang.

Analysis of the causes of the Rivierie.


Aq'ven Kaseem is the creation of Larqven.

He is a character who sometimes serves as a narrator of past events in stories when a historical narrative device is used regarding the Fantasy Era of the World of Aiers.

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