Archon (Roccasone 2427 - Howls 2494) was a former citizen of the city of Roccasone, and was part of the populace which was enslaved after its fall during the early campaigns of the Second War of the Power. After serving as a member of the Rats of Skallgard under Queen Laisha, he became part of a group of slaves taken away from Skallgard by the Werewolf alpha Pumori of the White Fang.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Family and childhood[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the early life of Archon. It is unknown who his father or mother were, or if he had any siblings or other relatives. The few scant writings about Archon's early life in the records of Vince White Fang record him as having been a stable boy of a noble family in Roccasone.

Slave in Skallgard[edit | edit source]

Upon the Fall of the city, Archon was enslaved by Kanov warriors, and changed hands a number of times until he was sold to the sadistic owner of a 'rat pack'. (See: Rats of Skallgard) As one of the older members of the pack, Archon seemed to bear the brunt of his master's anger and sadism. Over time, Archon developed himself as the self-assigned 'protector' of his fellow rats, finding ways for them to survive under the harsh rule of both the new demon-ruled city, as well as the sadist Kanov masters of his pack, and the occasional assaults by either members of other Rat packs or even the Demon inhabitants of Skallgard.

Following the Battle of the plains of Sargos, Archon and his pack were commandeered by the city authorities for work in the fields, and Archon was picked by the commanding Draak Harg commander of his detail as the subject of an 'experiment', which saw him chained to his fellow pack-member Maia. He and Maia barely survived the harsh work conditions which were especially bad for the two of them, owning much of his survival to Maia.

During the failed coup by the demon Vortigern, Archon was taken a prisoner by the Demon and his fellow conspirators, who wanted to pass him off as the royal Alex de Roccasone to discredit Queen Laisha. However, this plot failed, largely due to the advanced warning Laisha received thanks to Pumori of the White Fang, and in the aftermath of these events, Archon and his ratpack happened to be part of a reward which was given by Laisha to the Werewolf chieftain.

Slave in Howls[edit | edit source]

Role in Howls[edit | edit source]

After the arrival of the former Roccasone 'rat pack' slaves in the Howling Keep, Archon gradually grew into the role of representative of the human component of Howls, being recognised as the equivalent of a pack leader by Pumori. He also became a sword trainer within the pack, teaching sword-fighting skills to human and werewolf members of the pack alike.

Family life[edit | edit source]

Archon remained a devout Christian throughout his life, and as such was elemental in the establishment of the Sisterhood of the Wolf, which from a secret Christian sect would go on to become an officially recognised religion within Howls, not only practiced by its human population, but also by the other races united under Pumori's banners.

Records by the Werewolf historian Vince White Fang record Archon's Christian wedding to his fellow human slave Maia in 2443, with the pair becoming parents to Lyca White Fang (2443), Valeria White Fang (2446), Kaito White Fang (2450), Meera White Fang (2452), and Lex White Fang (2455).

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