Argora Black Bolt, more commonly known as Argora (DoonaRok, ca. 2430 A.a.H.), was a Galaw high Orc adventurer, pirate and slaver, active during the Second War of the Power in the northern seas of Hieyoks.

Early lifeEdit

Argora was born as the only daughter of a disgraced Galaw warrior-turned-goatherd and his wife. The marriage between her parents was loveless, and as a young girl, Argora was subject of the frequent abuse of her father and neglect by her mother. In desperation, Argora eventually ran away, hoping to find her luck in the city of DoonaRok, only to have her hopes and dreams smashed by reality. After suffering the worst indignations at the hands of its guards and inhabitants, she reluctantly admitted defeat and returned to her hill tribe, only to be met by her father who mocked her for her naivity. Angered, Argora tried to kill him, only to be struck by a lightning bolt; her father took this as a sign of the gods and forced her to visit the tribe's oracle, a rite normally only reserved for Galaw Orc girls of an older age. Her father forced her to be accomplice in the murder of the Oracle, marking the beginning of a life of banditry and murder.

Argora the BanditEdit



Argora the SlaverEdit


Argora is a character by Shiftingpunk.

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