The Arsvani or alternatively Neutral or drones are a kind of genderless artificial humans in the Nebulosa of Ots.

In the Nebulosa of Ots, while the development of clones -artificial humans- was due many causes and needs, one of them was the interest of a quick demographical expansion to expand and settle new worlds.

Because of this, artificial people where cloned of both genders -male and female, often with female outnumbering males-, and they where "complete", often having an increased reproduction rate:

example of this was the case of some Jako clones, in which pregnancy lasted only 3 months, rather than the 9 months of unmodified biological humans.

So, in most of the cases, clones where expected to form families and expand the population -and do so, quickly-: this explain in a great way, how in less than a century and half, the human population of the Nebula of Ots went from some few millions, to circa 440-450,000,000,000 inhabitants, population divided in about 150 star systems.

However, sometimes the expansion of population, and "reproduction of a workforce" wasn't something wanted or desidered. For these cases, at first the option was to clone personel of only a single gender. -All female, or all male-.

But as well, due these needs, and the filosofy of Dr. Maindrich Arsvalp, will be developed the drones, or neutrals:

According to Dr. Arsvalp -an artificial human himself: a dreselandes scientist which studied how to continue the development of humanity barriers-, the division in genders was only an evolutionary remnant, a vestige of the past that was hindering humanity to reach their real potential. As well, individuality and gender was stopping humanity from reaching a single concience:

So, contracted by Dr. Arsvalp, GENTEK developed the Arsvani, drones, creeps or neutrals:

The "drones" -despectively called so, by other artificial (and biological) humans- were genderless. As well, it was being used neural link technologies, so the drones shared, aside of their own brain an memories, access to a super-computer for shared memories and information: to oppositors of the idea, it was a "hive mind".

As with Dreselandeses, already clonation was a more normal way of reproduction that the natural way, it was argued that an Arsvani future society, would continue their existence with clonation.

Aside of the clones for Dr. Arsvalp idealistic studies, several companies ordered their own drones, for more petty goals -using for example in a much more agressive way the "hive mind", using the drones as almost human robots-

For most of other humans (biological and artificial), the responses toward the Arsvani was often negative, which explained as well the nickname of Creeps: their lack of gender and sexuality just made them difficult to understand to most of the population, and in the same time, the Arsvani didn't understood well these humans, still jailed by the barriers of gender.

For the times of the Rebellion of the Clones (3428-3436 a.a.H), due the invasive use of the "hive mind" computers by the company owners, most of the drones remained loyal. However, in other cases was seen Arsvani cutting the link to their super-computers with shared information, or several of them taking control over them. However, for the rebel Arsvani, often they faced as well discrimination and lack of understanding of their rebel comrades.

Because of this, some Arsvani, to easen the social pressure, and to make it easier to interact with non-genderless humans, asumed the identity of one or other gender.

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