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A Pixie Type Artificial Fay, Crafted by a High Elven Apprentice Mage of Dahl'Haran

A R T I F I C I A L F A Y, Mediocris Servus

Race: Pixie

Class: Golem

Species: High Elven Creation

Other names: Artificial Fairy, Pixie Golem, Created Fae, creations, brownie, Gnole, pixie, bogle, Wee Folk.

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis

Artificial Fay are golems created by wizards and magic user apprentices among the High elves of Ushaenor, the best of which represent the pinnacle of golem crafting techniques.


The artificial fay are a class of golem that are representative of legendary beings that the High elves long believed in and searched Aiers for in vain. The Fay beings that they made were renowned for being tiny, aesthetic and nimble where the demons of the Demonic Dark Legion typically made fierce, ugly or hulking creatures.

Artificial fay were only several centimeters tall and looked like perfectly formed, aesthetically pleasing, child-like proportioned humanoids done in miniature. They could be very active and mobile, despite their tiny size. The fairies and pixies among them were made with wings to fly, the flight and speed of the pixies making them the most difficult ones to create.

Unlike many golems, artificial fay were active and capable of independent thought and action. How much free will they had, and how much of their personality was due to spell-craft is unknown.



The fairy or Pixie were a type of mythical being or legendary creature in Aiers, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural, but it shouldn't be confused with actual races of people of aiers, as some kind of elves (Mourlicoun) and pigmy elves (Fairy), are sometimes called as well, fairies.

Being a myth among the people of Aiers, there is not a single and definitive description of them, but in general it was common for their depiction to be as miniature humanoid looking people, with small wings.

Doll Making Apprentices in Dahl'HaranEdit

High elves, who for long searched to prove the existence of the fairies and pixies, ultimately failed. And so, in the city of the Wizards of the Coast, Dahl'Haran, some apprentices of wizards began to model golems and creations after these mythical beings.

At first, these golems only acted upon the direct desire of their masters and creators, and without their master's will, were mere dolls.

Demonic GolemsEdit

After the First War of the Power however, the wizards of the coast became very interested in the demonic arts, impressed how the demonic contraptions, golems and servants were capable of being not only dolls in the hands of their masters, but autonomous creatures, bound to the will of their masters, but at the same time, capable of moving and acting on their own, even if their masters' will wasn't focused on them.

First Artificial FayEdit

The elves of Dahl'Haran will study the arcane demonic arts to learn their secrets, and they will make great advances in the field of golems for the elven arts, as they tried to match the arts of the demons. In these experiments, will be created the first created "wee folks" that weren't only a doll or toy in the hands of their master, but an autonomous creature, due to the use of diminutive demon soul shards (and later, of demonic soul shards artificially created by the wizards of the coast).

Creations of the High elves of Dahl'HaranEdit

As the Dahl'Haran knowledge of the creations extended (to the point of the creation of the Battleborn, the demon-hunter demons, created using demonic arts), it became a common subject in the University of the Mages of Dahl'Haran, having the high elven students to pass the class by creating their own artificial fey, small pocket-size creatures.

In such a way were created the artificial Pixies, Fairies, Brownies, Bogles and Gnoles. Being crafted by the high elven students, they were rather diverse, which explains the many types. The artificial Pixies and Fairies were winged, some with dragonfly wings, the others with butterfly wings, and both classes being female. Also, there was the brownie (wingless and male), the Bogles -who somebody suggested was actually a prank- and gnoles, which were like small-scale mineral or metal golems.

Once the students-for-mage passed their class of "Golems and Creations II", some kept their new artificial Fey, while others kept them in Fey Vivarum for people to adopt them as pets, or sold them.

But the fey, mischievous, sometimes proved to be quite a test for an owner, and as with all pets might happen, negligent masters will either abandon their pets or they will escape: and so, in Ushaenor, there will roam some free artificial fey creatures who will perpetuate the myth of the real pixies.

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