The Aruan Empire (Alternatively, Auran or Arwan Empire) was the largest lataverivan human empire in pre-Cataclysmic Ushaenor. The administrative, political, and military center of the empire was located in Arwä in modern-day Erú. The Aruan civilization arose from the highlands of Arwä sometime around the XXI Century, and the last Aruan stronghold was conquered by the Soldarmian forces at the 2772 a.a.H.

Since the 2338 a.a.H, the Aruans used a variety of methods, from conquest to peaceful assimilation, to incorporate a large portion of western South Ushaenor. Based in the region of Arwä -modern Erú-, it reached a maximal extension that incorporated Licuador, Kondria, Humaid and parts of Great Marraos.

It will be the largest pre-cataclysm Ushaverican and Lataverican human empire.

while originally the Auran Emperor recognized the rule of the Emperor of the Elves of the Empire of Whide Axis, -an easy vassalage, as the imperial throne was empty since the First War of the Power- as the High Elven Empire weakened, striken in the north by the growing Ne'Sargonic (see: Ne'Sargos) presence, the Aruan Emperors will come to be de-facto independent and no longer accepted High Elven rule.

By the Third War of the Power, the Auran Empire will come to be a battlefield as the Hake entered into the Dark Legion, being as well southern Ushaenor a front in the war, and it will collapse with The Cataclysm.

With the Collapse of the Aruan Empire, the region will be fragmented and will rise new Lataverican powers: namely, Soldarmia and Sao Azil, who will fight for Hegemony in the Early Modern Age for Southern Ushaenor, becoming a contested region.

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