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Ashmadael the Demon Ozcura Prince and members of his court

Ashmadael (Unknown Date - ? a.a.H)

The bishonen Bazrrod, the demon-ozcura Prince. This child of bazrrod lords enthralled the attentions of a legion of Ozcura Orcs. Is believed to be the creator of 'skinny jeans' in the cradle world of Aiers IV.


A minor Bazrrod, Ashmadael is the offspring of two bazrrods of the Demonic Dark Legion, as such, he is young and inexperienced. As a formless being, for long, he took the form of an oversized beastman, perhaps so as to appear impressive despite his relative weakness. Perhaps size and strength impressed the young bazrrod? Later, he took a very different form, that of a grey skinned elf with horns. A sort of 'male Ozcura Orc' that still had the petite and elfin nature of the female ozcura. He perhaps did this in a fit of emotional adolescent romance?

He also alternated with the body of a large, voluptuous female ozcura, with striking, model-like facial features and long black hair.

Note: the Ozcura Orcs are very sexually dimorphic. The females are most often like grey skinned elves in body build, with only shorter ears, sharper teeth and jaundiced eyes to indicate their orc status. The male ozcura are actually called "ozcuro". They appear much more orc like, with much larger, bulkier bodies, often more than twice the size of the females, and more apparent orc like features, such as having small tusks.



Details of BazrrodsEdit

The Bazrrods, the Demon Lords that commanded the Dark Legion of Demons, ruling the Confederation of the Free Peoples, shaped their appearances in the most diverse ways:

Some decided their bodes to be the ones of giant behemoths of iron and fire. Others, to look like ancient monsters from beneath the sea. Some as dragons, and others as all sorts of nightmares, never seen walking in Aiers before.

Some choose forms of hell, to appear as terrible as the demons of the religions of their enemies, while others choose divine or celestial forms, as angels or gods.

But others decided to go for other kinds of shapes: to come closer to the ones they rule, be to be closer to them, to serve as ambassadors or other reasons each Bazrrod kept to his own,

To serve as ambassadors, spies or other roles, many demons choose to shape their form after the peoples of Aiers: as elfs, Beast People, giants, Ogres and Trolls, Orcs, Dwarfs and Humans:

As there was General Vortigern the Demon-Orc, shaped as a giant orc; the three brothers Marwa, Sabknack and Purrsan the Lions, who choose for themselves the form of giant leonid Loranors; or Asherr the Demon-Harpy-Queen with her husband duke Hastartoth, the King-Harpy, there was Ashmadael, the Demon-Ozcura Prince.

Earlier History of AshmadaelEdit

A minor Bazrrod, offspring of Decadar the Conjurer and Seeres the Treasurer, for long he chose for himself the form of a winged, genderless Goatman demon, with a long and sharp tail.

But once, as a bounty hunter dragged to the town of Khar-Bad, where he commanded a garrison, some ozcura routiers who had stolen clothes from some Succubae; he became enamored with the grey orcs, and decided to take the form of a grey orc:

Having for long taken the form of a demonic, bulky beastman, he chose instead to take a form not of a male Ozcuro -more orc like than the ozcuras-, but something closer to an elf.

Interested as well to try out both genders, instead to choose one, he made himself a second body of an Ozcura female, that he alternated:

Ashmadael, emerging with his new body, claimed himself to be the Demon-Ozcura Prince, and around himself built a court of Ozcura grey orcs, who will be the core of his legion...

Second War of the PowerEdit

Events of WarEdit

Ashmadael's legion suffered some surprising and unexpected losses of Ozcura Orc skirmishers. This compelled Ashmadael to take a hand in things himself to deal with whatever was causing the losses.

It is currently not revealed to what the problem is or when this occurred.

Speculation: It is suspected that as of early 2440 a.a.H., amidst the invasion of the Osorio Valley by Dark Legion forces, Ozcura skirmishers and scouting forces faced unexpected opposition leading to heavy losses to a war band, possibly at the hands of the impish goblin Goza?

Body HoppingEdit

As Ozcura Orcs typically only have the more numerous and expendable females go to war, Ashmadael decided to change bodies to his female body. Much to the disappointment of his female court.

However, Ashmadael had his major domo, Vitold, to have his soul shard placed into the male body of Ashmadael for when the Demon Lord was away in the female body.

Learning of the Female FormEdit

Ashmadael experimented with the intricacies of humanoid femininity. Despite having a cadre of succubae, (seeSuccubus) and Ozcura Orcs in his--her court and filling out his/her army, Ashmadael found it challenging to find instructors willing to teach what they know of lesbian lovemaking.

For a time, it seemed the Bazrrod has forgotten his mission of investigating losses in the field or the Second War of the Power altogether.

Bog the BarbarianEdit

It would seem that Ashmadael, while still in female form, would encounter the adventurer, former Adventurers' Guild of Zannas member Bog, who entered his court to challenge the young Bazrrod for one reason or the other. The encounter with Bog would lead to Ashmadael to getting pregnant with Bog's child.

Ashmadael would simply switch bodies with his long suffering major domo Vitold once again! This was much to Vitold's continued consternation and to the joy of Ashmadael's female court.

Current EventsEdit

Plans for His ChildEdit

Ashmadael is pondering turning his /her child with Bog into a Soul Shard demon by implanting a soul shard from his Soul Stone into the child.

Order of the IrisEdit

Ashmadael, at some point in the future, probably inspired by Satman the Apprentice and his Fallen Knight organization (and his love for women) by creating his own group of Amazons, Blood elfs, and Ozcura Orcs trained similarly to mounted knights as the Order of Iris.

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