The Auswelt.ICR (Off-World Empire of Ruhenia, Ruhenian: Auswelt Ruhenian Reich) is a Ruhenian human nation in the Nebulosa of Ots.

Once one of the main human otsarian powers, it was however displaced of this role.

History Edit

The first Ruhenian space mission will as early as the 3274 a.a.H reach a first, significtaive success: to reach the 2nd moon of Aiers, and as soon as the 3283 a.a.H they will begin to send Deep Space Probes on long range missions to the Data Zones.

The perceived success in the use of the Data Zone, will lead to the beginning of the Christopherian Expedition to Ots, at the 3286 a.a.H, aiming to use the Data Zone of the Aiers Star System to reach, colonize and settle an Aiers-like world.

However, the perceived understanding of the Data Zone wasn't as firm as believed, and lead to a catastrophe in the jump zone, with the disperssion and dissapearing of many of the spaceships, while others found themselves in an unknown location in the other edge of the Nebulosa of Ots, effectively stranded as they didn't wanted to use again the Data Zone local of that Star System, fearing ever worse results.

While this catastrophe meant a loss of communication, the presence of an Aiers-like planet in what they named the Dunkhelm Star System, the planet Dunkhelm, Dunkelm XI, the ruhenian settlers decided to colonize the world, being instaured the colony at the 3288 a.a.H.

Without any further communication with Aiers and the Data Zone still a mystery, the officers of the fleet will found a colonial administration, de iure dependant of Ruhenia, but de Facto independent due the lack of communications.

  • 3301    Auswelt.ICR learns how to use the Data Zone. (Dunkhelm DZ)
  • 3307    Auswelt.ICR colonizes Zindrak. (Zindrak DZ)
  • 3313   Auswelt.ICR Ruhenia colonizes NeuBavier.  (Neubavier DZ)
  • 3314    Ruhenia colonizes Holgsdein. (Holgsdein DZ)
  • 3315    Ruhenia colonizes Christopien. (Christopien DZ)
  • 3337    Auswelt.ICR colonizes the Star System of Finolair. (Finolair DZ).  
  • 3338    Nortenz colonizes the system of  coloniza sistema Finolair, destroying first the ruhenian colony. Beginning of the Nortenz-Ruhenian war. (Finolair DZ)
  • 3353    Ruhenian refugees from Zindrak arrive to Ots. The Norodor Empire grants them refugee. (Ots VII)  
  • 3391    Beginning of the Nebulosa of Ots war, that will be a conforntation between the Allies and the Empires. The war begin with the invasion of the Norodor Empire to the Alianza Goffyca in Ots. (Ots VII)
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