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Chloe "Farouche" Dawn, a dreselandesa of the SoA-313 Pilot class, it's the navigator of the Dreadnought ASC Dawn, of the fleet of the Sultan of Awess, a small independent state in the outer colonies in the Nebulosa of Ots.

Awess, officially the Sultanate of Awess, is a sovereign Bazik state, located in the Outer Colonies, occupyng the planet of Awessia, in the Göttar star system.

Awess has been ruled as an absolute and hereditarysultanate by the Al-dhali family since the creation of the nation, as a Free colony of farsian emigrees from the RFB in the 3360 b.a.H. Awess became part of the Paternic Free Colonies, the LCP, at the 3383, being one of the poorest farsian states of the LCP.

It will become independent from the LCP at the 3430 b.a.H. Since then, it has become one of the region's wealthiest states due to its enormous reneuves of materials used for spaceship fuel.

With a small citizen population of fewer than 25,000,000 people, foreign workers outnumber native Awessomis. Foreign expatriates come mainly from other Free colonies and the RFB.


Settlement of AwessiaEdit

Awessia it's the second planet of the Göttar star system, a mineral-type planet.

The first explorations of it where mineral prospectors from an ilegal operation around the 3350 a.a.H, who didn't finded any mineral of special interest, and prefereed to use as base in the system other, less hostile planets.

The prospection for colonization was done around the 3358, and the first drones where send to do some limited terraformation on the atmosphere, and for the 3360, will arrive the first settlers, Farsian emigrees from the RFB, thought later inmigrants of other nations will join.

The first years where very difficult, and only near the 3380 will be the atmosphere more or less stabilized, to wander outside of the colonies and settlements.

Free ColonyEdit

Since it's beginning, Awess will be a Free Colony, without dependence to any of the great nations of the Nebulosa of Ots. It was a private venture by the Al-dhali family, who proclaimed themselves absolute rulers of the small colony.


Sovereign StateEdit

Government and PoliticsEdit





The defense of the Sultanate of Awess is responsability of the ASC: Alliance Space Corps.

The motto of the ASC is "Reach for the Stars".


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