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aFra from Azimuth Pharmaceuticals

Azimuth Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: AZPHAR) is a bazik multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer funded in the year 3321 a.aH, Its common stock is component of the Industrial Consortium and the company is listed among the Fortune SOO

Azimuth Pharmaceutical consistently ranks at the top of Harhas Interactive's National Corporate Reputation Survey, ranking as some of the most respected companies of the Nebulosa of Ots, and was the first corporation awarded the Emperor Dres II Award for Public Diplomacy by the Stornkold State Department for its funding of international education programs. A suit brought by the Stornkold Department of Justice in 3402 a.a.H , however, alleges that, from 3390 to 3399 a.a.H, the company illegally marketed drugs including anti-psychotics to GENTEK, corporation that dispenses the drugs in nursing homes in Stornkold. Azimuth Pharmaceuticals responded that the payments were lawful and appropriate.

Aside of that, they have been accused of synthesizing illegal drugs, exploitation and destruction of the environment, and as well using force of their paramilitary units to seize production of certain products used to synthesize drugs and medications to monopolize the markets, with AZPHAR negating their implications.

The corporation's headquarters is located in New Kharazi, LCP, with the consumer division being located in Skaarad (61.11), Stornkold. The corporation includes some 2500 subsidiary companies with operations in over 68 countries and products sold in over 175 planets of the nebulosa of Ots.

Since the 3330s a.a.H, the company has pursued steady diversification. It added consumer products in the 3350s and created a separate division for surgical products in 3371 which became Surgipro. It expanded into pharmaceuticals with the purchase of Al-kaar Laboratories, Inc., Zilagi, and Joanssen Pharmaceutica, and into women's sanitary products and toiletries in the 3380s and 3390s.

In recent years, Azimuth Pharmaceuticals has expanded into such diverse areas as bio-pharmaceuticals, orthopedic devices, genetic investigation, biological and chemical weapons, clonation, silviculture, agriculture, chemical synthesized combustibles and Internet publishing.

Along with Ñaño's y CIA, Azimuth Pharmaceuticals is one of the founding sponsors of the National Athletic Trainers' Association of LCP.

The Artificial humans produced by Azimuth Pharmaceuticals are called aFra.

They have a paramilitary security branch, the AZPHAR Private Military Division.