The AZPHAR Private Military Division are the paramilitary and security forces of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, being a corporative army. Aside of them, in the larger Azimuth Pharmaceuticals Military are often considered some subsidiary companies, private Military companies, mercenary houses, paramilitaries and groups.  
Chizzil - GIAT Quebec Mech Greyscale COMMISSION

Light Mech GIAT Quebec

AZPHAR Space NavyEdit

AZPHAR only have a limited Space Navy, dedicated mostly to the protection of their factory space stations and escort their civilian shipping spaceships, relying largely on foreign contractors for security and transport.

They use a mix of spaceships from models of other corporations of the Industrial Consortium and Stornkold.Just like there rival they had a small navy, but instead of ozean ships and vehicles, they used stornkold ship and vehicles

They used artificial humans and biological humans for the naval jobs as well.

  • engineers
  • pilots
  • security
  • captains and commanders
  • deck crew
  • doctors and medical assistances

They used stornkold ships for there navy, the types of ships were

  • frigates
  • medical ships
  • fighters and bombers
  • light cruisers
  • heavy cruisers
  • destroyers

They don't use heavy battleships, as only main nations would cost such heavy equipment.

The AFrasEdit

Afra and shik special forces by shabazik-d66xqso

Shik Commando locked in close-quarters combat with an Azimuth AZPHAR Specialist.

There artificial humans and aierians or AFras were the main force of Azmeth pharmasucicials. There were male and female ones, both with the same uniform.

They dealt with jobs like

  • medical assistances
  • soldiers
  • industrial workers
  • engineers
  • military specialists
  • pilots

aFra from Azimuth Pharmaceuticals

AZPHAR Private Military DivisionEdit

Azmeth pharmasucicials used a small militia force for defending and sabotage.they used stornkold military vehicles as well.

The militia consisted of

  • light, medium, and heavy infratry
  • artillery
  • military specialists
  • motorized armored vehicles
  • light, medium, heavy mechs
  • light, medium, and heavy tanks

They had a collection of military vehicles as well

  • scout cars
  • the Quebec heavy mech
  • a large variety of light mechs
  • a large variety of medium mechs
  • a large variety of heavy mechs
  • light tanks
  • medium tanks
  • heavy tanks
  • cargo trucks
  • movable artillery
Kasparov CIA invasion of a Free Afra colony

AFras defending there colony from shiks of the Kasparov CIA

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