Bael (Unknown date - 2220 a.a.H.?) was one of the Seven Demon Princes and also was the principal military commander of the Dark Legion of Demons from sometime in the 17th Century a.a.H. to near the end of the First War of the Power.



Bael's appearance has not yet been revealed


Bael was a powerful Bazrrod, it is unknown if he was an original member of the Seven Demon Princes, as he would be appointed to his position following the death of his post's predecessor, Paprika the Lord of Terror. It is unknown if he stood as a true Primary Bazrrod.

It is known that he had created powerful elemental demons known as Izrhim, so he clearly had significant power.


Presumably, Bael was a skilled military leader to achieve his position, unless he just seemed a 'natural' for the post based on power level rather than merit? Aside of speculations of his skill, Bael did seem to have been tenacious and with an ability to plan for contingencies.



Unfortunately, it is currently unknown what Bael's early history was, as a Demon Prince already in his own right, or if he was elevated to that status from being a secondary bazrrod.

Defeats in WarEdit

In the First War of the Power, Bael was defeated in successive battles, and had his body destroyed by the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis.

His defeats could be at least partially attributable to the machinations of Bael's fellow Demon Prince Paimon, who was concerned that Bael could eclipse him in being in the favor of Saatan, and in fear and jealousy, Paimon used the intelligence apparatus of the Dark Legion against Bael in multiple ways. Bael would face sabotage in the form of organizational confusion, orders being lost, and receiving incorrect or incomplete information about the allied humans and High elves he faced.

With the Dark Legion's much vaunted intelligence doing Bael more harm than good, he would stumble and face repeated defeats where there might have been some victories.

Physical Death and RestorationEdit

It was on his Soul Stone that they tried to get rid on it, trying everything and failing. Their last attempt was to drop Bael's soul stone into the ocean to destroy it, or at least put it out of reach forever. However, a water demon Soul Shard of Bael recovered his Soul Stone. With it, he was given a new body and fought again, proving to the Whide Axis leaders and spell casters that they couldn't destroy the demon soul stones.


However, in attempting to halt the allied progress across the Barlans, he was defeated again in battle in the Battle of the Cold Steppes and the Battle of Monte Cado. These new defeats led to the Demonic Republic to demand his execution, a demand led by Bael's enemy of Paimon. While Bael's soul stone couldn't be destroyed by the demon's enemies, due to his successive defeats, the Prince of all Demons Saatan consumed him. Only a demon prince could destroy the soul stone of another demon prince... and normally must be a more powerful demonic prince!

Thus, Bael would be destroyed as Paprika before him. Nor would Paimon long enjoy his disposing of the Demon Prince of whom he was so jealous, as he would also be executed for his failures and due the anger of his Bazrrod fellows.

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