Crop Barlans Central Aels by Shabazik

The Barlans region of central Aels

The Barlans, as well known as El Yermo, was an agrest region in central Aels: bordered by the Alan Ocean in the west, Osorio river to the northwest, The Dargoina Mountains and Polforia to the North, the forests of Bierteno to the east, and to the south, the Barlans River, from which was named the region.

Among the macro-regions of the Barlans, was to be identified the Peninsula of Gorbegea in the Alan Ocean shores of the west, the lake of Andas in the mid-west and the wilderness, properly called El Yermo.

Historically, it was a region remembered for having been inhabited by errant Kanov tribes, such as the Arraseos : it was however once part of the Empire of Whide Axis before the Age of Invasions, and around the shores of the Lake Andas will emerge the Kanov Vakkusta Empire and the Kanov kingdoms of Nepper and Gorbegea. Progressively, the Kanov of the Barlans will settle down and mix with humans, especially in the west.

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