The Battle of Hundred Caves was a battle between the legions of black orcs of Tok-Thoria and the drow acolytes of Negeémiliel.

The 167 year of the Middle Human Age of Hegemony (2.390 since the Aparition of Humanity, A.H), the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria, wanting to test his new forces of black orcs, recently breeded by him, and as well to try to expand his influence, sended an army of Kokto Orcs, the Tok-Thorian black orcs.

They where a destructive force, that ragged and destroyed in southern Aels, being needed a cohalition between Zannas, powerful human-vanolosé trading city, Enkel, a human-kanov kingdom and the mountain elves of Hebonnor to finally defeat them after 2 years of war, the 169.

However, the defeated Koktos only suffered a minor setback, and they retreated into the underworld of Kazrrad, to reorganizate their forces:

However down there, they attacks affected the Drow Empire of Negeémiliel, who movilized their forces, and finally defeated the Black orcs of Tok-Thoria in the battle of the Hundred Caves.

However, remanents of desertors of these expeditions and survivors will lurk down in Kazrrad for many years, being a constant problem to the inhabitants of the underworld, and even more after their convertion to the goblin faith of the Bloody Apple, and their alliance with the Cave Goblin clan of the same name.

This determinated the drow oligarchy of Negeémiliel in the need to put an end to these bothering orcs, and between the 187 to the 194 of the Middle Human Age of Hegemony, they fighted against the Black Orcs and the Bloody Apple.