The Battle of Iperto was a battle during the First War of the Power in Iperto, at the 2204 a.a.H, between the Dark Legion of Demons of Satman along with their Draak Harg and Kanov allies against a loose, uneasy alliance of former enemies, made up by cruzeños dukes of Dumia, sand elves, local Unlic forces and Kanov, with Seuconian mercenaries fighting in both sides.

The battle resulted in a sound defeat of the enemies of demons and the foundation of the Kanov Kingdom of Iperto.

Background Edit

After the fall of the Northern Dumian Empire, the region fell in anarchy and disorganization. While on the coast the Draak Harg cities regained their independence and in Abilia the demonic cults ruled, Kanov tribes founded their own realms

these tribal kanov kingdoms will be regarded by their neighbors of Dumia, Uslen and Purpurian as the Kingdom of Iperto, but this was really only giving a political coherence and identity of a loose mix of related Kanov tribes, that shared customs and language in Far Iperto.

As the Southern Dumian Empire - the Unlic Empire of Uslen- was able to reform their forces, they tried to extend their claims and control over the former Dumian lands, occupying the coasts of Iperto and claiming their rule over the interior, extending as far away as Dumia, but their claims will be contested by the Cruzeños adventurers, facing Cruzeños and unlic each other in the La Cruz-Uslen war.

As result of this war, Iperto became a sort of buffer zone between the cruzeños and the Unlic, with Far Iperto in neither's control.

Satman, ruler of Hortann, had to face in the south of Aels the Empire of Uslen and the powerful Purpurian Kingdom, and rather than to attack first their heathlands, decided to march his armies to the northwest, to Iperto, to drive a wedge between Uslen and Purpurian -and avoid them further cooperation and coordination-, defeat the Cruzeños, gain control of all Iperto and secure a direct link to Abilia.

The Battle Edit

The Dark Legions of Hortann had a relatively easy time rolling over the northern provinces of Uslen, weakened by the previous La Cruz-Unlic wars and the loss of imperial authority. While initially the Purpurians considered this a strictly unlic problem and didn't wanted to took part, the invasion of Purpurian by Hortann made them enter in the conflict, but having to retreat their forces to try to gather to a definitive battle against Satman's legions.

While Satman lead the bulk of his army into Purpurian, he sent a fraction of it to Iperto.

At first, opposition against demonic advance was chaotic, erratic and incoherent, and only as the Cruzeños dukes of Dumia rode with their army into their holds in Iperto, when they came to realize the size of the Dark Legions and how quick they were gaining support among Kanov and Draak Harg, that the Cruzeños attempted to form a coalition with the enemies of demons.

Some local Unlic garrisons and local authorities who claimed allegiance to the Emperor of Uslen -but where de facto independet- joined forces with the Cruzeños, and helped hiring some mercenary forces and conscripting Sand elves. They where able to gain the support to some Kanov tribes:

However, the ad-hoc alliance was weak, disorganized and they distrusted each other. The demon commanders, knowning this, send spies to their camp to cause discord: even before the battle, the already numerically inferior allied force suffered massive desertions, with humans and non-humans blaming each other, while Cruzeños, Unlic, Sand elven and Kanov officers didn't agree on a strategy to follow.

The next day, as the Dark Legions formed for battle, about half of the allied army had already dispersed even before the battle, and moral was low: not only that, but rather than to present a battle line, Cruzeños and Unlics each one hold their own defensive positions, while Kanov and Sand elves mounted tribesmen waited on the flank.

Dark Legion auxiliary Kanov cavalry and Kazaaks charged against the allied light mounted forces, who after a quick skirmish dispersed, their mounted archers fighting and retreating. This was seen by the infantry forces as a treason and cowardice, and moral dropped and many more broke ranks: only among the Unlic and Cruzeños commander banners, their lines hold long enough to actually fight the Dark legions.

While the heavy cavalry fought valiantly and the infantry tried to hold their terrain, the situation was desperate. The Seuconian mercenaries depossed their weapons to their brethens fighting for the demons and switched sides, and then all organized defense was lost.

The best of the Cruzeños duchies of Dumia was lost in the battle, and any sort of organized fighting force for the northern provinces of Uslen.

Dark legion casualties where marginal, as most of the combat was done by their allied Ipertian kanovs.

Aftermath Edit

The remaining cruzeños abandoned Iperto, and retreated to defend their possessions of Dumia. The expected follow up invasion wouldn't come until only at the 2207, and will end in their complete defeat and the end of Cruzeño influence in central and southern Aels.

Uslen abandoned all hope to try to defend their northern provinces, focusing to defend their core territories in the south. Their bitter defense will end at the 2208, with the fall of their capital in the Siege of Titipopolis.

The liberated Dark Legion forces of Hortann, reinforced now with Ipertian and Titanizk Kanovs and the Abilian cults, marched to reinforce Satman's campaign against Purpurian, achieving victory in the Battle of Purpurian that same year.

Iperto, now under demonic influence, will have a Great Kanov or High King -Cürpülü Krüvo in Ipertian kanov- be crowned by Satman. The Cürpülü Krüvo had a -largely nominal- power over the Kanovs of Iperto, forming them into a vassal realm and army under the service of the Dark Legion of Demons.

This kingdom will be shortlived, as at the 2210, arrived from the north the Empire of Whide Axis Expeditionary Force, that defeated the Dark Legions in the Battle of the Deserts, that ended Dark legion rule on Iperto.

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