The Battle of Polforia, also called the Battle of the Swamps or the Fall of Dragons took place in 2220 a.a.H between a coalition led by the Emperor of the Elves Altarin and the Unlic Emperor Badaphoros I against the Dark Legion of Demons and their vassals commanded by the First of the Seven Demonic Princes Saatan and the Dragongod Barûm. It was one of the largest battles of the history of Aiers to that point in terms of combatants, being as well the decisive battle in the First War of the Power.

The battle ended with a phyrric victory to the Coalition of the Whide Axis, holding the charred fields, and the armies of the Dark Legion being broken, with the last legions retreating to their fortress of Dol-Nur. The Confederation of Free Peoples was later dismantled in the Siege of Dol-Nur (2221-2223 a.a.H).

During the battle was killed the Dragongod Barûm and most of the black dragon aristocracy of Brûm, and as well in this battle disappeared the Emperor of the Elves Altarin, which would bring long lasting consequences to the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis.

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