The Battle of Priva was one of the opening moves of the First War of the Power and the first major battle fought during the war, at the 2203 a.a.H, between the amazons of Priva and the Dark Legion of Demons -largelly, amazons forces of the Helzar.

It resulted in the defeat of the amazon realm of Priva and the sack and destruction of it's capital, being occupied by the newy founded Helzar Amazon Empire, vassal and member state of the Confederation of Free Peoples.

Background Edit

The first move of Sataan had to be against the Amazons of the north of Polforia-: this opening movement was important to the Dark Legion's plans, in order to guard their rear and avoid other future warfront that will be like a spine in the flank of the Dark Legion, to control all of Polforia and to use the mountain passes of Navatiak to fall over the North-western Christian human kingdoms.

As well, Sataan knew that the amazons, who had been fighting the demons since their arrival, would fight against the demons once they attacked the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest:: but, the northwestern human kingdoms wouldn't lift a finger for the amazon tribes, too distant and too foreign.

The Amazon tribes resistance was brave, but they were outmatched by the vast legions of the demons, and will be quickly defeated by the Dark Legion in a short but bloody campaign.

The Battle Edit

The last stand will be held by the amazon Queendom of Priva in the Battle of Priva. After this, only remnants of amazon forces will remain in the region, scattered, while the demon-worshipper amazon government of Helzar will become an amazon empire.

Aftermath Edit

The north western kingdoms of humanity didn't took notice of the events, as for them this was just other campaign of the demons, as they were centered in their petty quarrels: and so, before they were ready, all the human Christian North-west of Aels was flooded by the Dark Legion, crossing their armies in Navatiak and the Degoland Pass Degoland pass.

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