The Battle of Sargos -or alternatively, Battle for Sargos or the Battle of the Osorio- was the second large scale battle of the Campaign of the Five Kingdoms of the Dark Legion of Demons at the 2203, at the beginning of the First War of the Power, between the Kingdom of Sargos and the armies of the Dark Legion of Demons.

It was a decisive defeat of Sargonic, who fell under demonic rule.

Background Edit

For long, the Five Kingdoms had been fighting their petty wars during the Five Warring Kingdoms period, ignoring the gathering of the forces by the Dark Legion of Demons beyond the mountains of Dargoina, in Polforia.

While some scholars and the church warned about an incoming war between the Powers, these warnings where largelly unheard off:

When the Dark Legion crossed the Degoland Pass, invading the neighboring kingdom of Degoland, Sargonic commanders first thought this was a large scale raid of the barbarians or the demons, rather than a full scale invasion: some even thought this could later serve their own purposes, to attack a weakened Degoland, many doubting the demons would cross the Osorio.

However, after the degolandic defeat at the Battle of the ÿpper, realizing the collapse of Degoland and the large scale of the invasion, the Sargonic massed their army along the Degoland-Sargos border, the Osorio river: however, Sargos will not provide help or support to the remaining degolandic forces, being ordered to hold the river and fend off any invader who may dare to cross the river. -Some commanders as well fending off refugees and retreating degolandic warriors, thought others did leave them cross the river to join their ranks.

The Battle Edit

as the Sargonic waited behind the Osorio river, hoping that the river would be enough barrier to stop them -being mistaken, and defeated as the Dark Legion crossed the Osorio and defeated the armies of Sargos in the Battle of Sargos.

Aftermath Edit

The defeat of the army of the King and the main dukes, left the cities and countryside indefense, with each fort, castle and city forced to fend for itself against the advancing Dark Legionaries.

As the two kingdoms of the Osorio Valley fell, the kings of the west thought this would be the end of the demonic offensive, and while they reinforced their armies and fortresses, they didn't try to make a common front against such a powerful enemy.

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