The Battle of the Cold Plains,  (2209 a.a.H) was a major battle during the First War of the Power, between the Dark Legion of Demons and the Empire of the Whide Axis, (Empire of Whide Axis). It was the first battle and first victory of the Expeditionary Forces of the Whide Axis and a mayor demonic defeat.

Background Edit

After the defeat of the northwestern human kingdoms at the 2.208 a.a.H, the armies of the Dark Legion in the northwest of Aels were dedicated to fight remnants of the human forces, occupying the lands and resisting some landing attempts of Akresh, putting down rebellions of cities and castles: It was so until the arrival of the high elven army of the Whide Axis, who landed in the bay of Begian at the 2.209 a.a.H:

The arrival of the Whide Axis was a complete surprise to the demons of the Dark Legion, who never expected the High elves of Ushaenor to support the humans, and less to answer their calls for help -even less, that they were capable of gathering such a numerous army, something unheard of in all elven history.

Upon learning of the landing of the Whide Axis in Begian, the Dark Legion hurried to gather their armies of the north, and at forced marching they arrived to face the enemy, to face the Army of the Whide Axis. But this powerful army -soon reinforced by the remnants of the northwestern human kingdoms armies- was reinforced, and had picked good defensive positions.

The Battle Edit

There in the Cold Plains, battled the army of the Whide Axis of near 140,000 warriors against 42 legions of the Dark Legion, 252,000 warriors: And the tired forces of the Dark Legion, after the forced march, suffered a terrible defeat.

While accounts vary, it's supposed that about some 50,000 to 75,000 legionnaries died, attacking the Whide Axis Forces or in the later counter-attacks. The Whide Axis forces, yet untested in battle against the Dark Legion, may have lose between 10,000 to 15,000 warriors.

However, while a great defeat, it wasn't complete, as the Whide Axis failed to press in the persecution of the defeated legions.

Many retreated to the north -where after knowing of the Dark Legion defeat, raised several rebellions in the occupied human lands, that they had to fight- and others retreated to the south.

The Whide Axis, instead of marching to reinforce the rebellions of the northwestern human lands, decided to march to the south, where the more important human kingdoms of Aels -Uslen and Purpurian- existed.

There, they will fight the subsequent Battle of the Bultr bridge.

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