The Battle of the Deserts was a battle fought in Iperto at the 2210 a.a.H during the First War of the Power between the Empire of Whide Axis and the Dark Legion of Demons, which resulted in the defeat of the Dark Legion and the collapse of the Kanov Kingdom of Iperto, Abilia being abandoned by the Dark Legion, and Uslen being open for its liberation.

After the successful liberation of Dol-Sorne from the Dark Legion, the Expeditionary Forces of the Whide Axis marched to the south, toward the fallen Unlic Empire of Uslen, rather than to march to the north, as expected by the kings of the Five Kingdoms. In their path, were the realms of the Confederation of Free Peoples of Abilia and Iperto.

The abilian legions, knowing they would be unable to hold alone against the Expeditionary Forces, retreated into Iperto, where they were reinforced by the Ipertian Kanov allies and two Hortanni legions. The Demonic commander from Hortann, under orders of Satman, stopped the retreat and ordered a counter-march, against the following forces of the Whide Axis.

As both armies marched against each other, the forces clashed into each other in an encounter battle that began in the middle of a storm in the desert.

With the Dark Legion vastly outnumbered (with some estimates of about some 125,000 warriors of the Whide Axis against 8 legions, about 52,000 legionnaries), the battle turned into yet another disaster for the Confederation of Free Peoples: their ranks broke, and then their forces routed. Their allies and vassals escaped to the desert, and many soul stones of Bazrrod demon lords were lost.

With the defeat of this army, Uslen was open for the Whide Axis.

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