The Battle of the Purple Fields was a battle fought between the Empire of Drow and an alliance of Zuleis elven tribes of the Prairies, fought in central Aels at the 12.720 b.a.H.

This was the first significative military defeat suffered by the Drow during the Drow-Elf wars: while not a decisive defeat of the Drow, it sets the end of the drow expansive phase of the war, as the elven tribes and non-elves-, inspired by the victory of the elves of the prairies against an enemy that was taken to be invincible, would rise in arms and form tribal coalitions and alliances.

The site and procession of the battle itself is disputed, as there only survived partial accounts of the battle from the Drow -the reliefs of Nur'duur-, in which are depicted drow infantry warriors surrounded by large amounts of mounted enemies, represented in diverse ways.

Some claim the different representations of the peoples of the prairies was to denote the different zuleis tribes of the prairies, but others to point out the presence of Rossnes elves and non-elves.

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