The Battle of the Roaring Steppes, known as well as the Battle of the Barlans or the Battle of the Cold Steppes was a decisive battle during the First War of the Power, between the Expeditionary Forces of the Whide Axis -recently reinforced by the armies of Purpurian- and the Dark Legion of Demons at the 2217 a.a.H, resulting in a decisive victory for the Whide Axis.

This was the second largest battle of the war, only in size and number of combatants after the Battle of Polforia.

This was a battle of encounter, and while both the commander of the Whide Axis -Emperor Altarin- and the Dark Legion -Demon Lord Bael- knew of the presence in the region of their opposing, massing armies, the battle was triggered by the reckless charge of the demon Narberus the Brave.

Narberus the Dog, The demon commander tasked with the defense of the border fortifications of the Dark legion -the dreaded Olga's Wall-, impatient for battle and angered by the continuous rejections of his requests to join the combat by Saatan's orders, decided to take the best of his forces to join the Dark legions of Bael, to defeat the Whide Axis once for all.

Unknowingly, Narberus advanced into the forces of the Whide Axis before linking up with Bael's forces. The demon and his forces fought with a roaring rage, but Bael couldn't muster his forces in time to support Narberus, and all his previous battle preparations had to be cast aside and his army rushed into action.

With the battle roaring on, Narberus attempted to take on his own, the Emperor of the Elves, Altarin, but he had his vessel destroyed in this attempt; and while his officers recovered his soul stone, the battle was lost by the Dark Legions.

The defeat turned into a rout, and chaos ensued. The riders of Purpurian, eager for action, showed their ability, running down the Dark Legions.

With the catastrophic rout of the Dark legions, the Whide Axis pressed their advance, reaching the demon's defensive border fortifications of Olga's Wall, fighting another battle at the feet of the Dargoina in the Battle of Montes Cado.

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