Kanov bazik warrior by shabazik-d5z9z3v

A Kanov Bazik warrior of the Bazikstan

The Baziks fought mostly as light infantry and light cavalry, but they lacked discipline. Because of this, the Caliphate of Blazakhov often used Kanov bazik warriors as auxiliaries.

Notes of Bazik Figure in PictureEdit

In the image: a Kanov Bazik warrior with traditional Bazik equipment. Unlike their human neighbors who used widely chain mail, silk armors and other equipment, Bazik infantry only used light leather armor if any, and occasionally helmets covered with cloths or turbans. Normally, the Bazik warriors used white clothes which gave them some uniformity, but later with Bazikstan being part of the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov, orange clothes were normal.


The Baziks were originally a Carutes Kanov ethnic group of Zarhuy, that during the age of invasions attacked and defeated the High Elven colonies and kingdoms of north-eastern Zarhuy, before settling there.

However soon their hegemony was challenged by human settlers, and terrible and bloody pages of history will be written due to the human-kanov wars, that would rage for almost a millennium.

Conversion to IslamEdit

However, eventually after the war came peace: the progressive expansion of the human religion of the Islam among the Kanovs (in a time of religious crisis, partially due the action of the demons in the shores of the Caritz sea, and their attempts to gain the Kanovs as their vassals) was key on this.

In the 1.844 year After the Apparition of Humanity, the Bazik kanov tribes converted to the Islam, sharing the religion of the majority of their human neighbors, and to consolidate the peace, soon began human-kanov marriages.

Still will pass another 11 years before the human-Kanov wars of northern Zarhuy to stop, but from the ashes of the war raised new mixed human-kanov states, such as Bazikstan and Sretor among others.

Later DevelopmentsEdit

With the years and continued relations between humans and Kanovs, the baziks became increasingly a hybrid nation, that adopted much of the human fashion and culture, and while the more aggressive and distant hill and mountain tribes (as the Montaiqas) remained Kanov ethnically, most of the baziks had both an important Kanov and human ancestry.

With the years (and the Holy Wars made by the Northwestern Christian human kingdoms to seize some ancestral human relics), Bazik became not only a term used for kanovs of the Bazik ethnicity, but for all the inhabitants of the territory.

After The Cataclysm, and with the creation of the Tork Empire of Cretor (around Bazikstan), Bazik will become a general term to all the servants of the former Bazik empire, From Anglasecuarnia to Kagastan.

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