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Belád Bonceduil the White Hermit

Belád Bonceduil -- (Dahl'Haran, 1923 a.a.H. - ?)

Also known as the "White Hermit" and "Akbar the Small"

Belád Bonceduil was a member of the High elves people, who came to askew them. A blacksmith and elite weapons maker who resided in the southwest of Zarhuy. He was a high elf, born in the magic-centric, magicracy of Dahl'Haran who was to become a wizard. Belád rejected this destiny and would go on to study technical studies and science in a society that did not appreciate such knowledge. After learning and working for much of his life in obscurity but for persecution, he would spend a time in punishment as a monk, would serve as a warrior in the First War of the Power, and would become an adventurer, and then take up living in the hidden kingdom of Rohnion. Belád would later abandon that society as well, and take up to living an isolated life in the Saahdons swamp to the west of the Plains of Antor. He would attract great attention from the great skill of his weapons make and armor.

Some Wild elfs of Antor, particularly those of Al'Jathis would come to see him as a distant hero of theirs that came to their aid in a time of need.

Overview of his LifeEdit

Dark Age of Demons

  • 252 Belád Bonceduil, High Elf who will be known as the White Hermit, born in the continent of Ushaenor, in the White Tower of the Wizards of the Coast, Dahl'Haran, during the Dark Age of demons. (1923 a.a.H.)
  • 282 a young Belád, who refuses to study for a life of a wizard, escapes from his childhood home in Dahl'Haran. (1953 a.a.H.)
  • 295 Belád become apprentice in a forge in Fluehl. (1966 a.a.H.)
  • 324 Belád accused of Heresy, and forced to move from Fluehl to Haelfinel. (1995 a.a.H.)
  • 383 Belád accused of Acts against Magic and banned investigations, forced to move from Haelfinel to Huen. (2054 a.a.H.)
  • 417 Belád exiled from Huen for disrupting the balance of Nature with his non-magical banned experiments. He moves to Sollerum. (2088 a.a.H.)
  • 464 Belád become a politician in the White party in Sollerum. (2135 a.a.H.)
  • 479 civil war in Sollerum, and the White Party is defeated. Belád forced to enter a monastery as a cleric until he had his sentence. (2150 a.a.H.)
  • 483 Belád and other prisoners are liberated due to a political agreement between Sollerum and the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, in a political of conciliation. (2154 a.a.H.)
  • 489 Belád settle in the port of Seehol as a blacksmith. (2160 a.a.H.)
  • 533 Belád, to escape from a some accusations in a turbulent situation, joins the Military expedition of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis to fight the Dark Legion of Demons in Aels. (2204 a.a.H.)
  • 538 Belád participates in the siege of the Dark demon fortress of Hortann, after participating as well in the battles of the Cold Plains, Bultr bridge, and the deserts. (2209 a.a.H.)
  • 550 Belád participates in the siege of Dol-Nur, after surviving the battles of Titanizk and Polforia . (2221 a.a.H.)
  • 552 After the fall of the Fortress of Morod and the capture of the Great Demon Lords, they are sealed on the Demonatch Island in Mount Satanmet. 2223 a.a.H and end of the DARK AGE OF DEMONS

Middle Human Age

  • 1 Belád Bonceduil, as the MIDDLE HUMAN AGE begin, decides to stay in the east, instead of returning with the rest of the Whide axis survivors to Ushaenor and their oppressive limitations. (2224 a.a.H.)
  • 2 Belád began his life as adventurer, exploring what for him is a new world: Aels and Zarhuy. (2225 a.a.H.)
  • 35 Belád marry with his wife, a ranger from the Hidden Kingdom, Rohnion. After swearing to keep it secret, he settles down there. (2258 a.a.H.)
  • 71 Belád and his wife had their first child: a daughter, Sarinee Bonceduil. (2294 a.a.H.)
  • 97 Belád Bonceduil breaks with his wife, family and the High elves: he escapes from the Hidden Kingdom of Rohnion. (2320 a.a.H.)
  • 120 Hastur the Lame and Naemae visit the White Hermit, asking for weapons. The White Hermit refuses. (2343 a.a.H.)
  • 138 Sarinee Bonceduil, the daughter of the White Hermit, an adventurer, is sacrificed in honor of Negeé, Goddess of War. (2361 a.a.H.)
  • 139 The White Hermit, learns that his daughter is missing, goes to search for her. (2362 a.a.H.)
  • 141 White Hermit in the underworld of Kazrrad. (2364 a.a.H.)
  • 142 White Hermit has learned that his daughter is long dead, sacrificed by the Drow. He swears vengeance by this time. But the White Hermit is instead captured by drow Acolyte Danieh'le Dahl'Arak. (2365 a.a.H.)
  • 143 White Hermit escapes his captivity and leaves the Underworld of Kazrrad, and he returns to his retirement in the swamp of Saahdons. (2366 a.a.H.)
  • 175 Wild elf village of Al'Jathis is raided and destroyed by Antorian Orcs. White Hermit comes to aid survivors, he sets out as a disguised 'human peddler' and sells toys to orc children that attracts their attention. He demonstrated knowledge of chemistry in fireworks he created. He is the inventor of the Fat Unicorn, a popular plush toy. The White Hermit uses these toys to purchase elven slaves that the orcs have captured, particularly those of Al'Jathis. (2398 a.a.H.)
  • 205 White Hermit rescues the "Drow Trio" near his 'hermitage' in the swamp of Saahdons. He begins a journey back to Negeémiliel. (2428 a.a.H.)



Very little is known, except that Belád Bonceduil seems to have been born into a magic using class of high elves within the magicracy of Dahl'Haran.

Speculation: the High elves have a magic detecting device long before the 25th Century, perhaps it existed back when Belád was examined for magic potential as a boy?

Regardless of the how of it, Belád was selected to train to become a wizard by the magicracy. Presumably he underwent preliminary training to cast spells?

Speculation: perhaps learning basic skills and education introduced non-magical techniques to him, and made him long for a technical training in various sciences as opposed to the magic career that was being forced on him?

At the age of thirty, (15 in human equivalent bio-years), Belád chose to abandon what might have been an elite standing and promising career to seek his own destiny and ran from the 'Wizards of the Coast', the ruling circle of Dahl'Haran.


For about 150 years, Belád would search for a home. In truth, he would settle down and live in a number of cities for many years, even multiple decades, but would inevitably invite controversy with his study of metals and various other research into sciences. By one way or another, he would violate rules governing research, usually in that elven technology was considered perfected as it should be, with magic complementing technology, or superseding it in many ways, such as promoting growth without chemical fertilizer, for example. Or building structures with advanced magic, not advanced engineering. Hence, Belád would find a new city, settle down, and attempt to learn as he pleased, only to be declared in violation of anti-technical rules.

Many of these anti-technical laws seemed to exist to protect magic use from competition by various technicians. The magic using minority in the society wished to maintain their hold on the society by being able to accomplish the big jobs and important functions in society.


Purple and White PartiesEdit

While living in Sollerum, Belád got involved in politics in the city. In many cities of the Golden High Elves' world of north-western Ushaenor, politics was divided between the White Party and the Purple Party. The White Party being the party of the technicians and populist minded towards the non magic-using elven majority, and the Purple Party being the conservative party of the magic users. Belád joined the White Party of Sollerum in an attempt to expand the role of science in that society.

Civil WarEdit

Unfortunately, in 2150 a.a.H. civil strife occurred in the city between the two factions. The Purple Party representing the magic using conservatives won the armed contest, probably for having the control of the military and most of the magic users. As a leader within the White Party, Belád was forced to leave public functions and live in a monastery for four years, until the weak, but overarching 'authority' of the Empire of Whide Axis negotiated a settlement of the differences between the two sides in Sollerum and Belad was released from the monastery service in 2154 a.a.H.

Farewell to the PoliticianEdit

It is not known if Belád tried to influence his society via political change before or since this time, but it does seem to be the only time that Belád would act in such a direct way. Indeed, he left Sollerum altogether, perhaps having no choice but to go, and would settle in the port Seehol in 2160 a.a.H. as a simple blacksmith again for some time.

The WarriorEdit

First war of the power by shabazik-d3cflvl

Belád Bonceduil, a High Elf soldier of the Empire of Whide Axis fighting forces of the Dark Legion. Most prominently, a Green Orc, Ozcura Orc and a Polforian Kanov

It is unknown from where Belád gained his martial skills. He likely learned much a bit at a time, perhaps as a member of city militias? Perhaps Belád gained martial skills as needed due to political operations making them useful? At some point in time, he also became knowledgeable in the sciences of physical fitness and physical therapy. In any event, as he found himself in trouble again, in 2204 a.a.H., Belád answered the call of the Empire of Whide Axis to fight against the Dark Legion of Demons in Aels, allied with the humans. His motivation seems to have been to escape some new trouble and perhaps to see a new world.

A massive army of high elves would invade demon controlled Aels in the First War of the Power to break the hold the demons had over the continent and to subdue the super-beings of the Bazrrod demon lords controlling the Dark Legion. This would result in 19 years of fighting to knock the Dark Legion from its zenith of power, to capturing most of the bazrrod demon lords being disincarnated and imprisoned. What martial skills Belád didn't know when he started, he learned by the war's end.

The AdventurerEdit

In the end of the war, following a pattern that was already well established, Belád would decline to go back to the High elves' Ushaenor and would become an adventurer, continuing to wander over Aels and Zarhuy for about a third of a century. Perhaps he encountered his future wife, a Rohnion adventurer, as a fellow wanderer?


At some point, he would discover the hidden High Elf kingdom of Rohnion, and in 2258 a.a.H., would marry a high elven woman ranger there, perhaps hoping that a kingdom of High elves on another continent than Ushaenor would be more to his liking? He would indeed live there for some 62 years in what might have been the happiest stretch of his life, having a daughter there as well (see Sarinee Bonceduil).

Speculation: Rohnion is an isolated High elf state in a large hidden valley. They had long believed with almost a religious fervor that they were the only remaining High elves left, at least in Zarhuy. A high elf from the society of the Empire of Whide Axis and the 'elf continent' of Ushaenor would have been a great source of knowledge for the Rohnion ranger to bring back to her government. It is probable that the lonely and beset, but technical, practical, and hard working Rohnion High elves appealed to Belád Boncduil. The more negative aspects of the culture not being so readily apparent?

Cutting All TiesEdit

Eventually, something happened. What it was isn't known, although in all probability, the Rohnion society no longer enchanted him, assuming it ever did. For whatever reason, Belád found himself at odds with Rohnion and his family. His wife probably had no interest in leaving Rohnion with him, so Belád left everything behind, in 2320 a.a.H. apparently washing his hands of ever trying to be a part of the culture of his people of High elves again. Indeed avoiding actually living in any society it would seem, perhaps even giving up casual use of his name? Due to his aloof and mysterious ways, Belád Bonceduil would become known as the "White Hermit" following his coming to live in the vast swamp of the Saahdons in southwestern Zarhuy in 2322 a.a.H.

Speculation: Rohnion is very serious about maintaining their secrecy. Those non elves who enter the valley of Rohnion are killed, with no exceptions. Indeed, even the allied High elf state of Nortolon may not have its people enter the hermit state, nor may the people of Rohnion leave without rarely granted permission. Only Rohnion rangers or those involved with a sort of clandestine trade with Nortolon may leave the hidden valley. As Belád Bonceduil had to escape the valley, it is not impossible that he was under a sentence of death, at least for a time, for the crime of leaving the hidden valley. He may have taken up residence in the Saahdons swamp to hide for this reason?

White Hermit, Weapons MakerEdit

As a hermit, Belád was finally free to experiment on techniques of forging, and mechanics, and chemistry, as he pleased. He built a house and forge, on a swamp island, and made weapons and armor, making trips to human lands disguised as a human merchant to sell his wares. His products, particularly weapons and armor, were considered excellent by surface world standards as he applied all that he had learned in his life. Eventually, on a larger island, he built a new and better house, forge and workshop as the first fell into disrepair due to instability of the ground and wet conditions.

Hastur FiremaneEdit

As part of his trading, the White Hermit was used to the Wild elfs of the village of Al'Jathis. They were impressed with his wares, but confused at his aloofness and stung by what they perceived as his arrogance and disdainful attitude towards them.

Speculation: The wild elves of Al'Jathis may very well have been the source of the name of "White Hermit"?

A young, redheaded Wild elf hunter named Hastur Firemane (see: Hastur the Lame) came to him in a hazardous trek to his island, seeking to purchase weapons. The White Hermit refused Hastur Firemane because he was a local young man who might well hurt his fellow villagers as much as defend them with weapons in his hands. Compared to the experienced and four century old White Hermit, Hastur was as to an immature boy filled with anger and impatience, not the sort of person he would sell a weapon to. This would be a bad beginning to a friendship that would one day grow between them.

Reconnecting With SarineeEdit

Father and daughter by shabazik-d3hg8yi

The White Hermit and his daughter, Sarinee Bonceduil

Wild elves that made the dangerous trip into the swamps to find him was not something that the White Hermit encouraged or enjoyed. It seemed to become something akin to a challenge to be undertaken. But one person found her way to the White Hermit's swamp island that he was happy to see. His daughter, Sarinee Bonceduil, had become a ranger like her mother, but had taken on a healthy disdain for the restrictions of the Rohnion kingdom in her adulthood. As the girl had felt sorely hurt by his leaving, and had refused to take letters from him, the White Hermit came to believe that he was completely cut off from his family, so the arrival of Sarinee was great surprise.

Precisely how people in general and elves in particular communicate by posted letters in Zarhuy is not fully understood, particularly with Rohnion being a kingdom that is kept isolated. It would seem that for the White Hermit had the ability to send and receive letters at certain posts in his travels to trade outside of his refuge in the swamp.

Speculation: One might wonder if perhaps Sarinee was sent to locate and perhaps meant to kill her father by the Rohnion government? If, so, obviously Sarinee declined to fulfill her mission. Although it's not impossible that Rohnion government had forgiven him and might have wanted to use the White Hermit as an occasional outside agent?

Negeémi DrowEdit

Father's Oath of VengeanceEdit

During one trading trip in 2362 a.a.H., The White Hermit received a letter about his daughter's disappearance. He set out on a quest to locate her despite the difficult odds of ever finding out what happened to her. In about 18 months time, the White Hermit retraced her steps into the subterranean world of Kazrrad, to the Drow metropolis of Negeémiliel. Once there, he managed to learn that Sarinee was already long dead, and that she had been sacrificed by the Negeémi drow, as opposed to dying in some random event. The White Hermit would swear vengeance against Sarinee's killers.

The Temple of DoomEdit

Dahl arak and white hermit by shabazik-d36hp4z

The White Hermit Tormented by the High Sorceress Khariel Baener to the left, and Danieh'le Dahl'Arak on the right

The White Hermit would invade the Temple of Doom, perhaps in the hope of killing the high priestess, Khariel Baener, who had presided over his daughter's sacrifice? However, he would be stopped in combat by the sword dancer Danieh'le Dahl'Arak, who may have been the Captain of the Guard at the temple. Far from gaining righteous vengeance, the White Hermit would suffer defeat, capture, and a humiliating imprisonment. Khariel and Danieh'le would amuse themselves with torturing the White Hermit, and Danieh'le would rape him repeatedly in order to become pregnant by him in a twisted recompense by 'giving him a drow daughter in place of his sacrificed daughter'.


The White Hermit was then enslaved and spent the next year and a half in the forges of the Temple of Doom learning new techniques for forging steel under at least one dwarven master metal smith. While he sought to resist service, disobedience led to punishments, it would seem that the drow wanted to get some use out of his technical skills.

Set for SacrificeEdit

However, a planned escape attempt led him to be set for sacrifice. It seems likely that he may have been on a short list for such a fate? On the other hand, Danieh'le Dahl'Arak may have intended to keep him and take him to her family's ancestral iron ore mining and forging town of the Depths of Arak? However, given his ongoing resistance and after the birth of Danieh'le's daughter and Danieh'le's apparent reassignment From the Temple of Doom to field duty, as a war against the rival drow city-state of Sia'Peiran had begun, she may have decided to rid herself of him. She introduced the White Hermit to their infant daughter, Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, in order to mock him one last time. However, due to some planning and luck, the White Hermit managed to escape by using the priestess who was to officiate at his sacrifice, Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, Danieh'le's eldest daughter as a hostage. He would toss her aside when making his escape, choosing not to kill her.

Don t speak with the hobo by shabazik-d3hgpfw

The White Hermit Encounters Xuunera Lo'Kee, the Supposed Killer of His Daughter, Sarinee Bonceduil

Finding his FoeEdit

Even so, after suffering for about two years as a prisoner and slave, the White Hermit was still focused on perhaps suicidal vengeance, not escape. Instead of trying to leave Negeémiliel, the White Hermit set about to find the person who wielded the sacrificial knife that killed Sarinee. He found her name from religious records, and then discovered that it was an Initiated named Xuunera Lo'Kee. He found to his horror that the supposed heartless killer was still a little girl, who taking him for a harmless indigent, was kind to him and gave him coins! Upon seeing her, he declined to take vengeance on a little girl for the death of his daughter, and managed to escape the city despite being searched for, in 2366 a.a.H., and eventually found his way back to his hermitage in the Saahdons swamp.

Being a Toy MakerEdit

Return HomeEdit

Nothing is known of the White Hermit's escape from Kazrrad, or his return over several thousand kilometers back home. Surely, that was an adventure in itself, indeed, he may have been left without resources? It is also not known how long it took, but he may have made his way back sometime by 2367 a.a.H.? Also, he would have had to restore his life and business after being absent for years. He nonetheless returned with knowledge of new forging techniques in creating weapons and armor superior to his previous works, which would enhance his reputation for his surface clients even more.

The damsel in distress by shabazik-d37l76d

The White Hermit hearing of the plight of the Al'Jathis village

Destruction of Al'JathisEdit

For as long as the White Hermit lived in the Saahdons, the Wild elf village of Al'Jathis was a neighbor of his, even though it was many kilometers away on the Antorian plains at the periphery of the swamp. In 2398 a.a.H. a massive, surprise Antorian Orc attack took place that destroyed the village. Some of those elves that survived and escaped capture came to the Saahdons for cover in case of pursuit by orc hunters. A girl would nearly lose her life to the swamp in trying to reach the White Hermit's refuge. He would come to the village's aid, and together would journey to the elf land of Thilien to find a safe place for the refugees. The White Hermit would sell many of his weapons for money for them, and to embark on a plan to save as many captives as possible.

Dealing with OrcsEdit

I go with you by shabazik-d3899v9

The White Hermit taking his weapons to be sold, refusing a vengeful young hunter's wish for revenge

Many toys would be designed and made, some by the White Hermit himself, including the Fat Unicorn design. The Al'Jathis refugees would come to live on the High Elven Thilien estate of the Manwe Family, they would make toys there in a factory, the White Hermit himself disguising himself as a human merchant, and daringly going out to sell toys and goods to the various Antorian Orc tribes and villages in exchange for elven slaves. As orcs place little value on slaves beyond basic chores and a supply of spare meat, slaves are not difficult to buy for certain inexpensive items cunningly presented. Indeed, dwarven caravans often deal with the Antorian Orcs quite often to obtain slaves. In this way, many victims of Al'Jathis, or other villages, would be recovered, one or two at a time.

Hastur the LameEdit

I cost more than a plushie by shabazik-d38rpwh

Hastur and the White Hermit renew their acquaintance

One of those elves saved by the White Hermit was Hastur Firemane, now known as Hastur the Lame due to a leg injury sustained in gaining retribution against orcs some years in the past. Hastur had never much liked the White Hermit, and being saved by him didn't really improve his mood either. Out of pride, he would work for the Hermit as an assistant at his refuge, or in searching for elf captives in orc villages, or making various trips for supplies, and trips to Thilien. The two would become cordial and eventually good friends over several years.

Hastur would often make boat trips for the White Hermit. With a great deal of courage, Hastur would also use contacts that the White Hermit had established in his guise as a human merchant to continue to trade with orcs himself, and trade elf captives for goods or toys produced on the Manwe estate in Thilien. He would do so for about thirty years.

The Drow TrioEdit

Rescue by shabazik-d3h4cmp

The White Hermit Pulls the Drow Trio from the swamp

Rescue of DrowEdit

Despite living an isolated life in the Saahdons, it must sometimes have seemed to the White Hermit that he is obliged to be a one man search and rescue team. In 2428 a.a.H., he was paddling his canoe with supplies for his forge, when he heard screaming in the swamp. He found three drow women helplessly mired in the muck and set about to rescue them. Given their muddy condition and growing darkness, he couldn't see that they were Drow at first, but soon was speaking to them in Negeémi. He continued until he had unstuck them and gave them sanctuary, this is how he met the drow Acolytes known as the Drow Trio.


You are wasting good food by shabazik-d45kxm1

The White Hermit and Drow Trio are suspicious of each other

Upon getting the Drow Trio home, the White Hermit realized that the drow were slaves with collars and tags. While highly unusual to see drow, let alone Negeémi drow so far south in Zarhuy, he had seen the slave trade bring a Negeémi drow slave to the south before. This perhaps mollified him a bit, nonetheless, the hermit was very concerned about the intentions and trustworthiness of these drow girls.

Speculation: The Hermit might have worried that these were agents sent to capture him in disguise, or agents that had clearly run into trouble in their mission.

The White Hermit considered killing the three in his distrust, but decided to let them live. He would help them or send them away.

Laeh'le Dahl'ArakEdit

The White Hermit could not have been too pleased to hear that the three were Negeémi Acolytes. Even so, he heard their story of being captured and enslaved and year of travel deep into the continent of Zarhuy and, in his turn, he told them most of his own. He was particularly interested in that these three girls knew his drow daughter Laeh'le, and peppered them with questions of her, without actually explaining her significance to him.

Return To NegeémilielEdit

Hastur and the white hermit by shabazik-d48oj0l

Hastur reveals the end of his quest

End of Hastur's QuestEdit

Hastur returned after one of his periodic trading in orc villages for elven captives, particularly his long missing niece, Naemae. He reported to the astonishment of the White Hermit that he had found her at long last, though conventional wisdom would have held that she was dead long ago. Hastur wanted permission to bring refugees onto the Hermit's swamp island, without actually telling him that he was bringing Antorian Orc refugees rather than Wild elf refugees onto the island. In reality, Hasur had rescued the orc survivors from the village attacked and destroyed by the Antorian Wild elf Orc Killers.

Because of Hastur's timely arrival, and willingness to kill fellow elves to protect innocent orcs, Fluffy the Pet Elf, and her orc husband Mataelfo Wargh survived the attack against all odds. Hastur would be very surprised to find that Fluffy was his lost niece Naemae. He was resolved to take her with him, even if that meant taking the surviving members of the orc village as well.

The White Hermit Leaves His HomeEdit

Having three bored drow women on his island was a distraction in its own right. About twelve orcs of various ages would now also arrive on the island along with Hastur and Fluffy the Pet Elf. Quickly exhausting his patience, the White Hermit decided to take the Drow Trio home to Negeémiliel himself, rather than just putting them on a northerly traveling caravan as he was planning. He was taking a great deal of time and risk in doing so, ostensibly because he didn't want to deal with a large group of orcs. Indeed, he left Hastur to deal with resettling the orcs and hopefully remove them from his house before he returned from his intercontinental voyage.

Omar and akbar by shabazik-d4amok9

The White Hermit in his guise of "Akbar the Small" with his human friend Captain Omar

Speculation: Going on the trip to see Laeh'le Dahl'Arak might have been an additional reason? It was a matter of great risk. He may have decided that he would have plenty of time to make his decision on the trip? There is also the possibility that the hermit was becoming suicidal in his aging years, as elves might sometimes do?

Voyage by WaterEdit

The Drow Trio's return would be far faster than the overland trip to the south. The four members of the party took two small river boats down the Shaa River delta near to a human trading port called Kumandi, and would make their voyage disguised as a human merchant and his daughters. The White Hermit had already established the identity of "Akbar the Small" which served him in good stead. He was fortunate in being able to sail with a friendly sea captain named Omar. Conversations with Omar revealed that the "Akbar the Small" identity was getting dated, as if he were really human, Akbar would be becoming a very old man.

As currently known, the voyage was relatively uneventful, the Drow Trio making the biggest problems in essentially revealing themselves as Drow elves on the voyage much to the Hermit's annoyance and no small fear, as humans could be unpredictable in their prejudice. He explained their appearance to Captain Omar by claiming that they were half Im'Salanos elves.

In the west Zarhuy port of Moh'Handinké, The Drow Trio almost abandoned all appearances of being simple girl relatives of "Akbar the Small", and continued to do so on the ship for the remaining voyage. An additional drow woman named Shazeer'ah met the Drow Trio in the port, and boarded the ship with them the rest of the voyage and during the later land journey. The White Hermit was not terribly pleased as this new drow made his story even more untenable, and he was still not very trusting towards drow.

He did find that Shazeer'ah was in possession of a fine scimitar blade that he made many years previously. He would be pleased to tell her that the blade wasn't magical, but made of skilled techniques.

Arrival in AelsEdit

In early 2429 a.a.H. the White Hermit and his charges reached the port of Zannas, albeit the city was essentially destroyed by an earthquake and a sacking and burning by Gorbegean barbarians the year before. The city was starting to rebuild and still received goods. Unfortunately, the Principality had descended into chaos with Zannas in such a state. Again, the White Hermit came up with human seeming disguises to help them on their remaining journey to Negeémiliel. They would join a large caravan so as not to travel alone, bandits, armies of would be petty kings and other warlords, and slavers abounded.

Not much has been coherently shown of this time period. It is believed that the caravan did indeed run into some troubles, and the Drow Trio girls, particularly Ivoÿn, would behave somewhat recklessly before the land journey was through.

Current StatusEdit

It is highly implied that the White Hermit with the Drow Trio have succeeded in reaching Negeémiliel. What the intentions of Belád Bonceduil are towards Laeh'le Dahl'Arak and House Dahl'Arak have yet to be revealed.

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