The Binese Empire is the name given by historiography to a succession of dynasties and Empires in Eastern Hieyoks.

The first written records of human settlements such as the Records of the Grand Librarian and the Annals of the Crane describe the Bi Dynasty rising around the 600 a.a.H, but human settlement in Eastern Hieyoks may have dated for a century before the Wei Zheng founded the first dynasty of Bina -from where comes its name. With thousands of years of continuous history,  Bina was one of the Human's oldest civilizations, and is regarded as one of the cradles of human civilization after the end of the Sky Age.

Much of Binese culture, literature and philosophy further developed during the Na dynasty. The Na dynasty (1304 - 2094 a.a.H) began to bow to external and internal pressures in the XV century, and the kingdom eventually broke apart into smaller states, until the collapse of the Na Dynasty into fully indendent realms.

Between eras of multiple kingdoms and warlords, Binese dynasties have ruled parts or all of Bina. Successive dynasties developed bureaucratic systems that enabled the emperor to control vast territories directly. Bina's last dynasty fell on the 3202, which was replaced by the Republic of Bina.

The conventional view of Binese history is that of alternating periods of political unity and disunity, with Bina occasionally being dominated by foreign invaders, most of whom were in turn assimilated into the Bin population. Cultural and political influences from other parts of Hieyoks and the Aels, carried by successive waves of immigration, cultural assimilation, expansion, and foreign contact, form the basis of the modern culture of Bina.

Binese Dynasties Edit

Warring Kingdoms of Bi (564-602) Edit

Bi Dynasty (602 -752) Edit

Neh Dynasty (753-980) Edit

Warlords period, 980-999)

Seh Dinasty (999-1304) Edit

Na Dynasty (1304-2094) Edit

Warring Kingdoms (2094-2216) Edit

Kufu Dinasty (2216 - 2380) Edit

Interreign, 2380-2397

Pion Dynasty (2387 - 2566) Edit

Èmó Dynasty (2471-2546) Edit

Dinasty backed by the Demons of the Dark Legion. After it's defeat by the Pion, there would be continuously demonic claimants to the Binese throne.

Kao Dynasty (2566-2675) Edit


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