The Black Wizard of Negrol it's an enigmatic figure during the Middle Elfic Age in southern Aels, that lead an army of Beast Men and later orcs from his base in the Holy Mountain of Hortann, fighting in the Wars of the Wizard against the nearly rossnes and flairie elven empires between the 2500 to 1500 b.a.H.

Almost nothing it's known of the Black Wizard, and historic accounts aren't clear: because of this, there where several theories: some historians link the Black Wizard with an early apparition of demons in Aiers, while other suggests he was an exceptionally powerful dark elven wizard, either a flairie of the prairies or a Drow.

The Black Wizard instated the Cult of Argrow, a god that his elven enemies characterized as a God of Evil.

With his disappearance around the 1500 b.a.H, his followers will disband.

The Black Wizard as Creator of the Southern Centaurs Edit

For long have been discussed the nature of the centaurs, sometimes being credited as a sort of Beast People and other as a demonic creation.

It's often argued that the Centaurs are beast people because they predated the Apparition of Demons, existing chronicles of Unnline, Mont'hafi and Malvor elves of centaurs -as the nation of the Sementauro, which seemed to be formed around centaurs-.

As there aren't records of centaurs before the Wars of the Wizard, historians that support the theory of him being an earlier demon, suggest he created the Centaurs.

Other authors, who refuse the Black Wizard to be a demon, agree with him creating the Centaurs, using knowledge or of demons, or similar dark arts.

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